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I love the fact that Monty posted the height chart, and someone actually went to all the trouble to figure out the approximate places on markings.  This is the hard work they did.  I am impressed ^_^
    Ruby: 5’2

    Weiss: 5’3

    Blake: 5’6 [crown], 5’8 [ears]

    Yang: 5’8

    Jaune: 6’1

    Nora: 5’1

    Pyrrah: 6’0

    Lie Ren: 5’9

    Sun: 6’0

    Neptune: 6’3

    Penny: 5’5

    Coco: 6’2(?)

    Fox: 6’2

    Velvet: 5’6[crown], 6’5 [ears]

    Yatsuhashi: 7’0

    Ironwood: 6’6

    Ozpin: 6’6

    Glynda: 6’5

    Oobleck: Hair reaches 6’9.

    Prof Port: 5’8

    Cinder: 5’11

    Emerald: 5’8

    Mercury: 5’11

    Torchwick: 6’2

    Neo: 4’11

    Adam Taurus: 6’5 (?)

    Junior: 6’11

    Malachite Twins: 5’6

And now I am going to change it.  This is for fun—no disrespect to Monty, but I just have to see what their actual height is.  First off, you *have* to take into account the heels.  Some of these people are wearing fairly high heels, others lower.  While it would be difficult to get an exact approximation, it is possible.  Secondly, hair.  It seems this person was confused on if to include the hair or not.  A real person’s height never includes how high up their hair goes.  It only includes from heels to crown of the head.  So i am going to take these numbers and adjust them for those two factors there to see if we can get something far more accurate.  In order to do this, I am going to cut their feet up a bit to remove the heel portion and put everyone as close to flat-foot as possible.  Why do people always ignore those factors when creating height charts?  Simplicity, I guess?  Anyway, I used their turn-arounds that Monty provides on his FB to determine where their actual heels are, then cut them down accordingly.

There are some who have very low heels—maybe half an inch or less.  I didn’t worry too much about them,  but kicked off a bit from the original posting to keep it as accurate as possible.  As far as crown of the head, anyone familiar with the basics of drawing a head can figure that out.  Some hairstyles are flat and easy to see (Nora) others stick up or are spiky, so you have to follow the line of the head instead of the hair (Adam)

As for Faunus Ears…well, it depends on if they are included for height or not.  I wanted to keep it simple and only went with crown of the head.

    Ruby: 5’2—minus the slight heels on her boots, 5’1 (approx)

    Weiss: 4’11

    Blake: 5’3 [crown], ears not included—-they are smaller than the bow.

    Yang: 5’8—minus the slight heels on her boots, 5’7 (approx)

    Jaune: 6’1 (crown of the head is actually 6.09, but meh)

    Nora: 5’1 (her heels are quite negligible.  Maybe half an inch, if that)

    Pyrrah: 5’9

    Lie Ren: 5’9 (I also find his heels negligible…maybe half an inch, if that)

    Sun: 6’0

    Neptune: 6’3

    Penny: 5’5 (half an inch is pulling hairs, really, and this isn’t a detailed chart hehe)

    Coco: 5’9 (almost.  As for heels, I had to revert to the screen shot from the opening)  

    Fox: 6’2

    Velvet: 5’6 (ears not included, but the previous person did a great job of estimating that.)

    Yatsuhashi: 7’0

    Ironwood: 6’6

    Ozpin: 6’6—minus the slight heel on his shoes, 6’5 (approx)

    Glynda: 6’3

    Oobleck: 6’75, maybe 6’8 (minus hair).

    Prof Port: 5’8

    Cinder: 5’5

    Emerald: 5’4

    Mercury: 5’11

    Torchwick: 6’1 (minus hat)

    Neo: 4’6 (god she is so tiny, with or without heels!)

    Adam Taurus: 6’3 (not including his spiky hair lol)

    Junior: 6’11

    Malachite Twins: 5’2

Either way, we have some good approximations now—-and this is extremely helpful for the artist portion of the fandom ^_^  I had fun doing this, and that was really what it was all about.  That and to distracted me from my headache :P

RWBY After Show w/ Barbara Dunkelman and Arryn Zech Volume 2 Episodes 6 and 7 | AfterBuzz TV

It was kind of nice to see the afterbuzz cover the episodes… maybe I am just getting used to it ^_^

And I think we inadvertently figured out how Jaune got his dress—-it was a stock that was provided for people who couldn’t get one!

Am I the only one who noticed that Nora’s hands were were on the headphones like she was just pulling them off her head to say something.

So Barbara points out that it was never really stated who she was looking for in the Yellow trailer….but the fact that she jumped up makes me wonder….

Best question that I don’t think many have considered—-what IF the song Red Like Roses part II was about Yang and one of her Mothers (blood or not).  going one step further—-what if it was a song with three people singing, with Casey taking on the daughters versus and each one designated for either Ruby or Yang.  But then, Jeff Williams during the RWBY Panel at RTX 2014 put it into the perspective of Ruby, so there is that.

So I guess that thing Cinder is using (and Yang used in the Yellow trailer) is called a Scroll.  I honestly didn’t know that. ^_^  But they are still going along the same thought as me.

Ah, addressing the issue of people getting all worked up about objectification.  They are right, it is not an uncommon phrase.  There you have it.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable interview.  I think that I would really like to meet the people behind RWBY someday…I doubt I can…unless they come to Japan.  But still ^_^

This was, by far—-the GREATEST episode EVER!  Of all time!  I woke up my husband laughing.  I wiped away a tear or two.  I gasped in astonishment.  It was just wonderful!

So, I was right about Cinder be subtle ^_^  Technically, she didn’t do anything at the dance but she did take advantage of everyone being off guard.  And can I just say…Cinder= Hot!  Okay, I am a girl, but damn.  I mean, seriously…damn!  And she kicked so much ass, it wasn’t even funny.  She was beautiful…. The dust-infused leggings flaring up as she activated her abilities looked so cool!  And her double swords—-ooooo!  Honestly, I love her style! I so want to know what is driving her!

But so many questions…why did she hit the Transit Tower in Vale?  Obviously all the kingdoms have Transit Towers that allow communication between kingdoms—but is there a reason she couldn’t have hit the other ones?  My guess is that Vale’s Tower is the central one, acting as the hub for all other communication towers around Remnant.  But that can not be right.  Atlas has the largest Transit Tower and the first—-so all others should be connected to that one.  Now there is the possibility that Vale became the hub—as each tower is developed, the technology would advance (it would, after all, take time to develop and fine-tune).  Or is it just timing—-the Vytal festival being held in Vale, so Vale’s Transit tower  became the target.  Another possibility is just the symbology—Vale and/or Beacon royally screwed Cinder over, so she wanted them to know she was after them.  

Seriously.  I think the *why* is far more interesting to me than *what’s gonna happen next?*  but they are really close ^_^

Her message was both cryptic and telling.  Back in Volume 1, Qrow sent a message that the “Queen has Pawns.”  This whole chess theme is continuing on throughout the series, which makes me think back to that wacky theory long ago.  It may need some fine-tuning, but I am going to wait for the close of the Volume before I do that.  Anyway—“Queen has Pawns” “I’m queen of the castle” and the symbol of the Queen Chess piece on the computer screens of the tower.

I am pretty sure that she just dropped a major virus into the system, effectively isolating the kingdoms from communication—or at least Vale.  Vale, being isolated while holding all the young would-be huntsmen for one of the biggest festivals held in the world.  God, that spells trouble with a capital “TROUBLE.”  But it seems it won’t be instant—-and this is only part of her plan for phase 2.  So if subtle and subterfuge are her middle names, what would be the next target…  I have a few things on the back burner.  I will have to put this speculation there, though I may try to get to it sooner than the others.

Now I have no proof of this, but I am pretty sure that Cinder was making her dress in that scene long ago.  The kind of outfit she had for the attack on the Tower was something she probably had packed and ready.  It would have been too suspicious for her to be making her assassin outfit in the dorms.  Also, I think a Dust-infused outfit takes a lot more time to make.

I think a lot of people really want Ruby to recognize Cinder because of hair-style and her fighting method.  Hmm…  I am not sure how I feel about that.  You see, one thing I noticed is that when Aura is used as a shield, it is used pretty similarly.  It is a projection of the aura into a solid form to block attacks.  I think anyone with enough control over their aura can do that, so I don’t think that would be a tip off.  As for the other forms of fighting—-if I recall (and I could be off) Glynda also did a similar crystal attack, and Fire seems to be a basic Dust element.  But then again, the *way* that Cinder used those elements, I think, is unique.  I don’t think that there is a connection to make with hair styles.  Hair is hair and people often have similar styles. ::shrugs::  But I think the big thing is that—-when she first fought Cinder, it was during a Dust robbery.  This time, it was sabotage of the Transit Towers.  How many people would make a connection between the two?  Okay—-let me rephrase that.  How many *kids*?  It could well be that she does recognize her for that same fighter several several months ago (we are in semester two now, right?) but that was a long time ago. Considering the fact that she has been in training for at least half a year now, and done many mock battles and training with various styles, she could have forgotten.  But then again, that fight with Cinder in the first volume was also how she got into Beacon, so she might remember it.

And did Cinder just do a Magical Girl Wardrobe change?

I love the dance seen—-we so much more about the characters and their personalities.  As I had said before, we really couldn’t trust Weiss’ face during the dance (was that here on the blog or on the FB group?  I can’t remember).  The only thing we really had to go on was Neptune’s stance and facial expressions which screamed rejection the more I looked at it.  Weiss did a really good job of hiding any hurt feelings—-just like she was trained to do.  What I love about this scene is that we get to see why Pyrrha likes Jaune.  He may be dense, but he is very loyal.  Like a true Knight.  He has as sense of justice and honor, and he stands by that to the end.  As much as you might want to hit him for not seeing the obvious, he is a really good guy.  When you think about it, he did persist Weiss when he thought she was available.  But the moment he saw that she was interested in someone else, he completely backed off.  And then when he found out that the person had rejected her—instead of going to swoop in on Weiss, he went after the guy in question.  That says an awful lot about his personality.  True, it may not be love love, but his sense of honor is so strong.  Damn it, I am starting to crush on him.  

Before attacking Neptune, he saw Pyrrha and immediately went after her instead of his first goal.  That shows his priorities.  I think when he saw her on the stairs alone, he kind of knew that she didn’t have a date, but he didn’t believe it.  He was fishing for information when he started that conversation with her, trying to feel out what kind of person she was and not really understanding her mood.  His shock was genuine, but I think he had some awareness…even if he himself wasn’t aware.  Pyrrha was exactly as I thought—-as many people thought.  The perfect warrior whom everyone ignores and feels can’t match up to her.  But at least she followed her own advise and was completely honest with him.  She even confessed to him, but he probably missed it.  

I loved the talk between Neptune and Jaune.  What we are seeing is a constant theme of the people we think are perfect actually aren’t.  Pyrrha is isolated from normal relationships.  Weiss is constantly under pressure for social reasons.  Even Neptune admits that he works hard to be cool—and I don’t doubt that.  People like those three are constantly under scrutiny.  Everyone has these unrealistic expectations of them, and they feel like they have to match those expectations.  Thus Neptune’s embarrassment about being unable to dance.  While Jaune did kind of use some of Pyrrha’s advice, he tailored it very well specifically for Neptune, and he called out his playboy antiques on him.  Jaune won’t stand by and let Neptune manipulate or hurt Weiss—-he won’t let anyone do that.  He is a good guy.

Not only is Jaune a good guy, but he keeps his word.  He had told Pyrrha that he would wear a dress if she didn’t have a date, and he took it seriously.  Sure, he had said it as a joke, but his word is still his bond.  He will keep his promises, even if it costs him his life.  Oh god, I see some sad sad stuff in the future.

And cue all the fandoms going wild over Ren and Nora dancing together!  God this episode is just fanning the flames of the Shipdom haha.  But her comment was the best—-“This is happening!” She is so the personification of the shipdoms.  Love her!  And Ren is just so clueless it is adorable.

Okay—-dancing scene of JNPR.  Can we say EPIC beyond EPICNESS??  It was just so perfect and unexpected!  This is part of the reason why this episode is my favorite so far.

It is nice that we get a little insight as to what Neptune and Weiss are talking about.  It seems like he told her why he rejected her, and she is asking why he changed his mind.  Her surprised and baffled look when he said it was Jaune, and pointed to the man wearing the dress dancing…that was just beautiful.  But there is also a twitch in her face…very subtle.  Kind of like OMG but also like her eyes were opening up a little, like she was seeing Jaune for the first time as something more than the annoying stalker who was only after her name.  What that will mean in the future is hard to say.  While I am not sure how the relationship will pan out between Neptune and Weiss, I think that it is going to be an important growth for her.  And him, apparently.

Okay.  A lot of people are a little miffed and perplexed that Yang is without a date.  I think this was totally expected for several reasons.  First off, her little sister doesn’t have a date—actually, probably can’t have a date.  It may be a kind of support thing for her sister, who already feels so isolated at Beacon.  But I think the main reason is that—no one interests her right now.  Yang has already indicated that she is still obsessed with finding out what happened to her own mother.  Yang is also far more mature than most 17 years old, and for obvious reasons.  I imagine that she has extremely high expectations, and while she is flirty and playful, she doesn’t lead people on.  A serious relationship is not going to come easily to her because not many people will match up her standards, and honestly, I don’t think she wants one right now.  She has her sister to look out for, huntsmen training to complete, her mother’s disappearance to look out for, and the issue with the White Fang.  Her plate is kind of full and she learned long ago to pace herself.

Penny!  Oh my god so adorable!!!!!  I love her dancing with her guard and doing the robot earlier ^_^  And Glynda dancing with Ironwood hehe.  ^_^  Just lots of cute things here and there.  In the last episode, it was pointed out that Daft Punk-style DJs are in the house and you see them again here.  

Ahhh Cinderella references galore! XD  Cinder making her own dress, being home by midnight to be safe…heheh

I do love Ruby slipping away from the party—-it was perfectly natural.  She has been pining for her cloak and combat boots since she walked through the door, so for her to take that moment while everyone is dancing to slip out is perfect. And there were a lot of little things, such as Ruby stumbling a little in her heels—though it didn’t seem to affect her fighting and running XD  But that is cool.

I am trying to think of all the other little references, such as the Red and Blue Guards..but it was like that since the first time we saw them. so no big surprise.  The guards at the tower are all in Yellow, so hello Griff…oh wait ,that is an orange color, isn’t it XD  Now, I wonder what the WiFi password was.  Probably a podcast I haven’t seen yet ^_^

I have to admit.  I love how she just walks into the elevator like normal and doesn’t do a damn thing until the door closes.  That was just…god, great.  hehe.

I am also really glad they showed how those lockers are used.  It was nice to see it in effect and kind of tie in the things they are learning at Beacon to actual combat.

Okay…as you can tell, I am watching the video again while I write this ^_^  As Cinder walks out of the Elevator, she is looking at something and says it is handy.  Perhaps it was a key card or something with information on the control system, thus making her access into the computers easier.  Or maybe it will pop up in use later, or more often if it has multiple password information and security codes, or important names.

So as Cinder takes a seat, she is notified that a guest is leaving—-but apparently, Emerald and Mercury didn’t see Ruby leave because they say it is Ironwood.  Good for Ruby—obfuscate level 2 or 3 I bet :)  Apparently, Cinder is not really concerned about it, since whatever she was doing is complete.  So maybe Ironwood is not in league with?  Or maybe he doesn’t know who she is or anything about this part of the plan?  Hmm…

Sword-bow.  This is kind of similar to an idea I had of my own. Not quite, but kind of. So awesome.  I do like how Ruby looks at the elevator and grins, thinking she has backup because I guess she recognizes the General, and then Cinder is gone.  And then—-hey, I thought only good guys could do the magical girl costume change!  Of course, it is another Cinderella reference :)  But still, it caught me off guard.  Not only that, but the midnight bell chiming, and them showing midnight on the computer screens with the Queen on the screens.

At the end, we have a deflated Ruby sitting like a scolded puppy while Ironwood approaching her like..well, a General.  It certainly didn’t look good—the place a mess, guards unconscious, and Ruby there with her weapon out.  She probably tried to explain to Ironwood in Ruby-fashion what happened, but he wouldn’t listen.  Probably we will see the two of them talking in Episode 10.  It will be interesting to see how that conversation will go.  I imagine he is going to ignore her because she is so young…it is one of the draw backs of being the youngest student at such a school.  Most likely, Ozpin will believe Ruby but not show his support directly.  She will miss it and be kind of upset about it.  Of course, this will drive home to her and the rest of the team to be more dedicated to their mission.

Well, time for afterbuzz.  Let’s see if we get more information! ^_^

wind-at-your-back asked:

Ruby killing those guys is pretty debatable. First, the spray of red visibly consists of petals, meaning it's more than likely Ruby's motif or semblance at work. Second, the back end of Ruby's scythe is blunt - they're black as opposed to the edged gray/silver of the blade. Third, and most importantly, a person's Aura protects them against lethal damage. These guys are hired muscle, it's not a stretch to assume they've got their Aura's unlocked. They survived Yang too, after all.

It is very debatable—-but Ruby’s Semblance has not once involved a splash of red like that.  Flowing petals, yes.  No splashes—-not even when she was fighting the grimm.  In fact, even when she beheaded the Nevemore, there was no splash of red—-just flowing petals.  We have seen her petals flowing from her cloak when her Dust is activated, when she is doing a super-speed move, and when she is killing something.

While I can see the third guy possibly being hit by the back of the scythe (he was still groaning as he lay there) the first most likely was not, hence the red spray.  And she clearly impaled the middle guy.  There is no arguing that point—-it is right there in the video.

As far as who uses Aura—-that is also debatable.  We have zero indications of the average person using it.  The goons didn’t even seem to have dust-like weapons, just regular stuff.  But we can not really tell.  Junior obviously could use Dust, but they never explained if Aura naturally triggered dust or took conscious effort.  And even then, we can’t really say how powerful a shield it can generate.  For that second guy, the back blades clearly went *through* the guy.  I don’t see how Aura can shield against that.

And lastly—-Yang didn’t impale anyone.  But in a far older post, I did point out that her fight was pretty debatable as well.  In any case, those goons have a higher chance of survival from punches in the face (even bullet-enhanced punches) than being impaled.  And you can see some of them running off during the trailer as well.  We never see these guys run off or get back up.

Tukson is *not* the first on-screen death in RWBY. 

At least, that is not what this footage is showing. :P

Okay, this has just been bothering—-not annoying bothering, or angry bothering.  “Just won’t leave me alone” bothering.  Volume 2 opened with the murder of one Tukson, a Faunus who was obviously trying to start a clean life.  Everyone goes on and on about how this is the first death in RWBY, but then how do you explain this scene in the very first Episode of the very first Volume?

You can clearly see her using the bladed end of the Scythe on two men here and maybe even the third.  The first is slashed across the chest—and while you would think he was sliced in half, he just flies off.  But notice that spray of red? 

"Okay", you say.  "Maybe she just cut him, but he lived through it!"

Fine.  Check out the second guy.  She literally impales him with the back end of her blades.  Right through the center, maybe just below or near the heart.  You can not tell me that he lived through that. 

After that, she mercilessly swings at the third guy.  In this shot, though, it is kind of hard to see if she used the back of the Scythe or the blade.

Of course, we never see any of the guys she just kicked around hauled off to the police, nor hear about them in a hospital or anything like that.  In fact, it isn’t until Yang pays Junior another visit, do we hear the words, “They never came back.”  For a guy who knows everything, you would think that he would have at least been aware of his goons being in jail or the hospital.  Roman isn’t seen with those guys again, either—-he has the White Fang working for him.

Is it just because they are bad guys that this is ignored?  Is there some way that they survived those blows from the blades of her Scythe moving at warp, slicing speed—especially the second guy?  My guess is that everyday citizens and goons are not trained in Aura and Dust use—-they just sell the Dust, or steal it.

I guess if Monty wants to say they aren’t dead, I can’t argue with him—-but damn it, they sure *look* dead.  Especially the second guy.  About the only explanation that could possible work would be that Ruby pulled back, using her Aura to shield those guys from the razor-sharp blades that can cut through thick trees with the slightest of swings.  :/

Not that I am complaining.  I think it adds a certain level of dimension to Ruby’s character.  She was never described by Monty and team as being innocent, just simple and honest.  She was defending herself—they weren’t coming at her with tasers.  Those were some serious weapons they had.  I just don’t understand why this is dismissed so out of hand, especially it is so visually obvious.

Sometimes we need to take time to think about things, or need reminders of clues we already mentioned but didn’t quite connect to other events very well.  I was thinking about Cinder and the needle because it bothered me a lot not really understanding what exactly she was doing with it.  Generally, when I watch the episodes they are in their regular window because I have a bunch of other stuff going on.  That and sometimes the full screen lags really bad with heavy traffic.  So I miss details.  

What I saw was her arm moving around, sometimes in a motion that indicated sewing and other times just waiving around dangerously—in a fashion that no sewer would dream of doing with a needle.  So today, I went back to that scene only and full screened it to see better.  No lag because not much going on with the video section, so lucky. ^_^

Something that allmightydave didn’t mention—-and actually, looking at other comments and such, no one really has mentioned (okay, I didn’t dig that deeply :P)  There is something on her lap that she is sewing.  Between their dark gray uniforms, the shadows around them and the dark room, it is really hard to see.  Even expanded, you can barely tell.  If you have bad eye sight, or the light from the window is hitting your screen just right, you won’t see it at all. :P

Yup.  She is sewing.  And given the most recent episode, it is the dress for the dance.  Will the dress be imbued with dust?  Well, that probably remains to be seen.  I know that PAX got a special preview of the 7th episode, so they already knows what has happened (lucky bastards). All I can say for certain is that she is going to be wearing a very dark dress :P

So one possibility is that she could out-right attack the party.  We haven’t had a fight scene in a couple of episodes, and the party really is the best place.  While the teachers may still have their weapons handy, most of the students are completely unequipped and their guard is down.  Most likely, none of them have their official fighting clothes which would have their dust if it was so enhanced.   The teachers, while probably still armed and experienced, may not be up to the task to take on Cinder or her goons.  And one more thing—-Ruby and her cloak.  We know that Ruby is really dependent upon her weapon and cloak.  She might not be able to access her semblance without it.  Some characters, can, however.  Pyrrha demonstrated her ability to use it while without weapon or normal clothes, for example.  Ren shows the ability to wield Aura separate of his weapon.  Yang may well have put the stuff in her hair (why else would it flame up like that???)  But for the most part, at least a few people are in real danger if a fight flares up.

Since the episodes are longer, it could well come on the tail-end of the next episode.  We still have to see the super-sad Pyrrha scene, after all. ^_^  As for how the battle would occur…it depends on if Cinder wants to draw attention to herself.  She may have arranged it so that White Fang or those robot things crash the party just so she can see how the would-be huntsmen handle the situation and the strengths of the teachers and staff.  Or she could go all out on the place on her own.  The latter doesn’t seem very Cinder-ish, but the former does.  She could approach Ozpin, or try to sabotage/poison him in some way.

Another possibility is that she does nothing.  She actually just goes there to observe and enjoy herself, maybe start rumors and do some underhanded subtle stuff.

I think the only reason I seem certain some kind of fight is coming on is because there has been this pattern of two episodes being “calm” and one being full of action.  Well, almost two. ^_^  We have had smaller fight scenes, but nothing as super huge and epic as the Food fight.  Pyrrha’s fight scene, while awesome, was a training session and not the life-death fighting we see every now and then.  Poo.  maybe I am not explaining it well.  Ah well.  We will find out for certain.  It would be nice to get a little inkling as to what has Cinder so pissed off.  I would like to see that in the next episode or two.

allmightydave asked:

so I read your summary for episode 5 and you seemed kinda confused as to what Cinder was holding up at the end. With the placement of the history lesson before the episode and the fact that they said that dust could be sown into clothes makes that sound like a likely candidate for what she was doing. Also if you go back and look at the very first episode the way she fights makes it seem like she utilizes her clothes in some way.

If you look in my short review of the interview after that episode, Miles did confirm it was a needle but did not indicate what it was for.  Yes, those are possibilities—-I even mentioned something similar in regards to the fact that it might be possible that she can not wear her dress to the school for whatever reason, so she has that.  I think we will find out this week, but thank you for your input ^_^

It reminds me that she was moving the needle around in some fashion of sewing, but there is nothing on her lap to sew…unless she is just adding Dusted thread to her uniform.  Of course, with everything in shadow and dark, she could have had something and it was just hard to see.

Oh my god, the Feels!  I can not contain the Feels!  This was one of the more emotionally impacting episodes, which makes me scared of the future.  I think I should keep a box of tissues nearby from now on….right now I get misty-eyed.  How long before I start bawling my eyes out like a little baby?

There is also a ton of information in this episode.  It was both well presented and felt completely natural in how it was released.  But before getting into the nitty-gritty, let me just say one thing.

I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT!  I lost it when Yang used the Pen Light to get Blake’s attention.  Poor sleep-deprived kitty.  Now, to be fair, any person would find that annoying…but running on practically zero sleep—even I would try to pounce on the thing and rip it particle from particle.

As for Yang and Weiss having a dispute over doilies versus fog machines fits in exactly with what I was talking about in regards to their tastes making party-planning interesting ^_^  

We learn that while yes, Sun is from Vacuo—-a place that is not for shirts and ties—-he moved to Mistral.  Neptune is from Haven and they are on the same team, so it is starting to look like Haven is in Mistral.  Where on that map that is, I can not say.  Up North, Maybe?  I don’t think that it is near Atlas, where Weiss is from…everyone coming from the same continent seems kind of odd.

Ruby hating Lady stilts and asking basically voicing my complaint about fighting in heels—-how do they do that!?!?—is just gold.  Makes me feel like Monty was talking to me directly XD  I know he wasn’t.  I seriously doubt that any one on the casts reads my tiny little blog, and I know there are tons of other women who are fans like me and feel the same thing about fighting in heels.  Still, it was a wonderful touch in acknowledging reality.  I love those little tidbits. ^_^

I seriously had the biggest “awww” moment ever.  For both Jaune and Pyrrha.  As much as I would like to kick Jaune for being so dense about Pyrrha….I also feel for him.  He is truly head over heels for Weiss.  He doesn’t see her name—I just don’t think that he would ever even consider targeting her for the Schnee company because he is so bent on doing thing so n his own—-he sees her.  Something most people have a hard time seeing.  Now I am starting to think that he may very well truly be in love with her in some respects, which makes things more painful for him.  And then Pyrrha….so strong and so broken.  I wanted to just hug her so badly.

And I think that this is a great parallel.  What we have is Jaune, who thinks that he is in love with Weiss—-may even be in love, but more like love with love than love with Weiss.  He is, of course, heartbroken about Finding Weiss asking Neptune out to the dance and walks away, heartbroken and depressed.  Then there is Pyrrha, in love with Jaune so much that she will put her own feelings aside and support him and encourage him to pursue his interest.  She does it with a smile on her face, even when she is dying inside.  Oh my god, I am going to cry!  

Jaune, being in love with love or at least infatuated with Weiss, wouldn’t do that for her.  He may give up or fight for her, become depressed, but I don’t think he would do what Pyrrha is doing.

Oh god…Pyrrha reminds me of Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura…she did the same thing with a smile on her face every time.  I just want to cry now.  Where is the tissue…….. :’(

But of course, Monty and team just can not leave us on that.  They have to dig deeper, rip out or hearts and dance on them more.  Because now, we get some details on Yang and Ruby and in the best format possible.

Nope, now we come into an empty lecture room with Yang sitting on the table while Blake passes restlessly and in obvious annoyment.  From here, we get a ton of verification on Yang and Ruby and what their past was like.  I am very pleased to be right about several points—-but I always enjoy tooting my own horn.

Yang and Ruby grew up on Patch, where Signal is.  Both of their parents were hunters, though their father was a teacher while their mother went on missions around the world.  Then, one day—-their mother did not return.  Their father completely shut down, and Yang was left to look after Ruby as both older sister and mother-like figure.  Yang discovered that she was actually a half sister, that their father had loved someone once before, also a huntress, but had disappeared just after Yang was born.  So Yang never knew that she had another mother.

What we find out is that Summer Rose, their Father, Yang’s Mother, and Uncle Qrow were all on the same team.  This is extremely interesting!  It makes me wonder if Uncle Qrow isn’t really a blood uncle.  I myself have an Uncle who is just a really close friend of the family, not blood related.

We learn that Ruby was still a toddler at the time of her mother’s death, maybe being too young to truly understand what was happening but taking it really hard.  So Yang is sitting here, trying to be a mother, a sister, and trying to reconcile her heritage.  She wants to know what happened to her mother, so she starts asking everyone about anything regarding them.  Then, she finally finds something and takes off to follow it.  I must admit, I got a little confused on if she was looking for Summer Rose or her blood mother.  I had to listen to it twice to be sure—-apparently, she was looking for *HER* Mother, the one she never knew, not Summer Rose.  

Completely overcome by her obsession, she waits until her father is away and then takes Ruby with her.  She is obsessed, but not so much that she would leave a toddler alone at home.  So since Ruby is 2 years younger, and she was a toddler at the time—-that means Yang was around 5 years old.  Maybe a little older or young.  Poor yang…she didn’t really have a childhood at all.  She had to grow up so quickly, both for herself and her younger sister.  While Yang did find the place, she was attacked by Grimm and unable to do anything—-it was Uncle Qrow who saved them with something that looks very Similar to Crescent Rose and a long cape.  Oh, and he looks really cool!

In the flashback, we see that Ruby already has her cloak.  I am still pretty sure that the cloak was either a gift from her mother, or inherited from Summer Rose.  After loosing her mother, it would make sense for her to cling to it.  

Yang had learned the hard way how obsession can hurt, not just yourself, but those you care about.  Blake didn’t want to hear it—she didn’t want to believe that the situation was the same, but that is irrelevant.  The foundation is the same—-if you are exhausted and controlled by your obsession, you are useless and are only going to get others hurt.  

So where was I right?  I had to actually go back into my archives to verify.   I was right about Ruby being really young when their mother passed away—I just didn’t go young enough, and that their father is still alive.

Yang is a really well-balanced character, when you think about it.  She knows when to be serious, when to push forward, when to pull back—-and it is all because of experience.

But now we know that during the Yellow Trailer, Yang was looking for her blood mother.  It could be that the disappearance of both of their mother’s is actually connected, and maybe by this point, Yang has figured that out.

Now Yang feels that Ruby was too young to really understand what it meant to loose her mother—-but I think we know better.  Red Like Roses II indicates that ruby understood very well what it meant, which is why she took it hard.  Because of the song, we know that most likely, she is dead—-but during Yang’s story, she indicates disappeared—“Didn’t come back.”  Again, it is an interesting word choice.  It indicates either an unwillingness to accept the reality of death, or that there is no evidence of said death.

Now long ago, I talked about how Ruby probably had nightmares about her mother’s passing.  I still stand by that—-not just because of the song, Gold, but also because of how Yang said Ruby took Summer rose’s disappearance very hard.

You know, I am kind of thinking….way back during the Emerald forest, Yang was freaking out when she heard a scream during the whole Relic thing.  “who is that?  What should we do?”  I wonder if she had a slight flash-back to that time in the woods when she was young and helpless…I wonder if we might see another bit of weakness in Yang.  Hmm.. gonna have to think of that one…

Anyway, that speech made me all teary-eyed again, and really gave some insight into the past.  Their father shutting down the way he did after loosing two people whom he loved very much, forcing Yang to be the mother figure and grow up long before most children is very fitting.  It seems like Yang tried really hard to make sure that Ruby had a fairly normal childhood.  

Based on the silhouette during the flashback, it looks like Ruby really started to emulate Uncle Qrow—-who was either Summer Rose’s brother or a very close friend of the family.

Ugh…can’t keep my head straight.  Now I am thinking about the design Yang was drawing on the board and the symbol behind Qrow in the flashback, and Ozpin.  I am going to hold off on that for just a bit because this is getting really long….. ^_^  this episode was just too emotional for me to think straight….

Wow, I got 100 followers!  Never thought that would happen!   Thank you one and all. I will continue to keep doing what I am doing and I hope you continue to enjoy it! ^_^

And I love this shot of Ruby. :D  My friends and family who have seen Ruby (character and show RWBY lol) keep saying that I am Ruby XD  So I felt it appropriate to use a screen shot of her.

RWBY S:2| J.J. Castillo and Gray Haddock Guest On World Of Remnant 1; Extracurricular Activities E:5 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Things got busy this weekend.  There wasn’t much.  We have already confirmed that Cinder’s dress has dust in it—-they basically confirmed it more strongly this time.  Of course, they can not give away much.

There were two things that caught my attention.  One thing they avoided very obviously was Dust Tattoos.  They themselves said they couldn’t get a direct answer, and now…for some reason, I am thinking of Adam.  I don’t know why.  Maybe just the design on his coat looks so tattoo-ish.  well, it is upcoming.

They also indicated that there will be a character based on the Cheshire cat.  That is just beyond awesome—I can not even begin to imagine.  And then mostly banter and review of the episode which mostly aligned with what we already know, minus spoilers or conspiracies.  I am starting to get used to how the Afterbuzz works.  Still not my cup of tea, but I love getting to hear the extra stuff and hints.  Maybe I don’t like it because it reminds me of Radio DJs and I never liked those.   Not their fault.  I still recommend you check it out if you haven’t by now ;)

You know, the more we put team CRDL down, the more I feel like…there might be something more to them.  I mean, we don’t know *why* they are the way they are….and I don’t think Monty is the type to make bad guys who are bad just to be bad for the story.  We have already seen that Cinder has some pent up rage against her enemies…like they might have done something to her to set her off.  What if there is more reason behind why CRDL, specifically Cardin, are the way they are…And the question is, will it hit home and make us feel a little sympathy or just understanding into the character. I do love those evil people who actually have a reason to be bad.  The kind where you go..yeah, I could see that situation making me turn down that path.  Monty said they draw a lot from their parents.  Also, the fact that there is no cohesion within the team is kind of catching my attention.  It doesn’t seem like something Beacon would tolerate for long…unless they use those kinds of people to prepare their students for the type of people on the outside world…..

I am getting very curious about the bad guys.  If Monty can really twist this, give us a solid reason and maybe even make us feel a little bit like kind of supporting the enemies in some ways, or at least understanding them and sympathizing with them…that would be awesome.  I mean, what if one of Cinder’s parents was taken out by or with Ruby’s…and all because of a choice that Ozpin made.  Some people can not adjust well to loosing their parents…or both.  What if Cardin’s family is one of those over-bearing, verbally abusive bigots who refused to allow Cardin to show any sign of weakness.  Maybe his father was the type who would freak out if he cried as a boy or something like that.  I really want to know what is making these baddies tick…and if they are truly as bad as they seem.

Let’s face it…Cinder has a point.  When you are dealing with your enemies, overpowering them is useless.  Taking away their strength is far more effective.  It is a tactic I would try myself.  But usually, only people who have been weak learn to use those tactics.  People who are naturally strong only know about brute force and overpowering.  People who are naturally weaker have to use their greatest strength to win. 

wow, that just painted a whole new picture of Cinder.  She is obviously really powerful now, but what if she wasn’t always like that.  Huh…lots of ideas right now…..

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