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The Schnee Family

We have been getting a lot of hints about Weiss’ family over the last two volumes.  We know now that Weiss has a sister named Winter, and that Weiss is very aware of the wrongs her father has been doing against society and their family name.  And…well, that is it directly.  Still, based on what we have learned about Weiss and her family, I decided to have a little fun and draw some concepts of the not-yet revealed characters. :)  These are really quick sketches because I am already working on a behemoth of a project for RWBY—I did this to relax and have fun.

Now, Weiss is very pale in matching with her name sake, which translates to White Snow.  I looked at her family and the names we know and felt that her sister and father would look just a touch different.  I decided to use Winter’s name since it is known.  Winter is often described as dark and cold—whether snow is present or not.  Like her sister, I imagine her to have very pale skin and the same piercing blue eyes.  Unlike her sister, I see her hair as being much darker.  Like a dark-blue to white shade.  

I decided that the girls got their eyes from their father, a family trait passed on for generations in the Schnees—but that Winter took after her father in hair color.  For their father, I had a strong vibe of the distinguished gentleman—cold and ruthless to his adversaries, but also possibly loving to his family.  You know, just because he is doing bad things doesn’t mean that he would necessarily throw his family under the bus.  He could feel that he is doing what is best to protect his family and children.  So I wanted a look that, while having a slightly evil vibe, could also melt into the stern father or the one who is worried about his daughters.

Okay.  Now time for crazy theories and stuff because it is late and I should be sleeping but would rather have fun! :)  A bit ago I posted about a Monty Tweet with all kinds of goodies:

This is important because one of the names mentioned is Willow Schnee.  So we have Weiss, Winter, and Willow Schnee.  Looking at the symbol for Weiss (and her family) I found out that when you use the points like the picture above, there are three Ws—one for each name.  Okay, I really think this is a coincidence but it is still cool.

Now…everyone probably felt Willow is a girl’s name.  Actually, I did, too, for a moment.  Then I thought it about.  Not once in the entire series thus far has Weiss or anyone mentioned her mother.  Not even in passing.  In fact, Weiss only really talks about her father and finding out about her sister was through a hint dropped in volume 1 and then actually stating her in the second volume.  So….what if Willow is her father’s name?

Wait! I  have a reason for this—-several, actually.  First of all, in many mythologies, Willow Trees are often depicted as either masculine or feminine figures, and it changes depending on the story and culture being told.  A lot of Asian and Native American stories sometimes refer to the Willow Tree as a man or grandfather.  In Asian legends, ghosts are often attracted to Willow trees.  There are legends that make them female as well.

Also, there is a character in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings called Old Man Willow —it is often seen and referred to as a male spirit (possibly an Ent) whom despised the world of Man and Elf and grew more evil and spiteful throughout the ages.

And there is one more reason:

This is an image of a young father named Willow.  In fact, the name of the movie is Willow—it is a classic from the early 80s and I recommend that anyone who is anybody should check it out.  Great movie.  But my main point is that the main character is a man, who is also a father (of a sonand daughter) and his name is Willow.

The possibilities of Willow being the father is actually kind of up there.  Not super high, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I am wrong—but still, I think it would be kind of cool.  Now, because of this theory, it encouraged me to choose a slightly darker hair color for him.  Willow trees have various bark color, but generally they look dark because they are constantly within shadow.  Yeah, heavy symbolism there. :)

Okay—-next theory: Winter Schnee.

Now, there is a lot of debate about how old Winter Schnee is and their relationship.  Many think Winter is older and/or that Weiss is second fiddle to her sister and always trying to prove herself while she is overshadowed by her elder/younger sibling.  I disagree with both points based on observation from the show itself.

First, and most important, is the fact that Weiss is the Heir.  Now, in the rules and laws (well, expectations from ages of old) of inheritance, it is generally the eldest child who inherits (well, technically the male child…but Monty is cool and with the 21st century like that).  When one is the Heir, they are known as Heir Apparent—-which is shortened to Heir by many people because it is pretty much a given that this person will inherit upon the death of their parent or Guardian.  Basically, they are incapable of being displaced.  If there are multiple possible heirs, they are called Heir Presumptive…and none of them really ever get the title of Heir until it is decided.  There is an instance of co-inheritance, called Coparcenary.  And all these little details can be seen in Wiki and dictionaries, etc.  A quick Google search can confirm all these details, but here you go:

(yes, it seems the wiki misspells  coparcenary.  Thank you for Google and auto correct)
In all instances of Weiss, she is referred to as the Heir.  Not possible, not Coparcenary—Heir.  In episode 2 Volume 1, Ruby says: “I said I was sorry Princess” where Blake interrupts and says: “It’s Heiress, actually.  Weiss Schnee.  Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company.”

In episode 10, Volume 1, There is a very important conversation between Professor Port and Weiss.  Professor Port had just established his pleasure at Weiss’ skill in combat and abilities as a huntress.  She is, as always, happy to be acknowledged.  Then the conversation turns to the question of leadership, to which Weiss is shocked.  (long dictation here:)
"you would blindly accept his (Ozpin’s) decision, even after seeing how exceptional I am!?" she says.

"With all due respect," Professor Port returns,  "Your exceptional skill on the battlefield is matched only by your poor attitude."

"How dare you!" Weiss exclaims in indignation.

"My point exactly.  I see a girl before me who has spent her entire life getting exactly what she wanted."

"That’s even remotely true!" Weiss snaps haughtily.  There is a moments pause as he waits.  "Well…not entirely true…" Weiss relents a little.

Given this conversations and others, we see that Weiss does not in any way suffer from an inferiority complex.  In fact, while talking to Pyrrha for the first time, she states that she is the “smartest girl” in class.  Even in the most recent episode, she presents a determined, confident face.  Now while she still demonstrated lack of confidence in fighting, she doesn’t show that anywhere else.  The moment in the woods where she was talking herself through how to take on the Beowulf is more a reflection of her lack of direct experience than anything else.

So based on Weiss’ attitude and self view, how people react and treat her, and personal experience—I feel that Weiss is the older sister, and is in fact the one that overshadows Winter on many levels.  BUT I think that in the beginning, the two sisters had an amicable relationship.  We kind of get a hint of that in Episode 9 of volume 1.  In fact, that was the first, super-subtle hint that Weiss even had a sister!  

"Bunk beds are dangerous!"  It was such a strange, out-of place line.  And later, even more strange. "I’ve always wanted bunk beds."  I missed that line entirely.  I thought she was just being argumentative, then trying to make amends and showing that she didn’t always get what she wanted.  In the back of my head, I was thinking…why would a single child want or think of a bunk bed?  Well, I guess they saw friends with them or something or whatever…Many reasons.  I didn’t know many single children so I could never ask.  (Yes, it was a very narrow-minded view).

And then we find out she has a sister.  So she had wanted a bunk-bed to share with her sister! ^_^  That so makes sense!  but then…bunk beds are dangerous….  That line still seems so weird.  So here is what I think:

Winter is sickly in some way.

It would explain why their father is perfectly okay with his precious Heiress seeking a huntress calling, yet says bunk beds are dangerous—-I mean, let’s face.  She had to have heard the phrase from somewhere, and most likely it was during a time where she and maybe her sister were begging their father.  But due to Winter’s frailty, he said they were dangerous and forbid it.

With Weiss working towards being a Huntress and Heiress, her time and schedule becomes very busy.  As I said before, she knows where he strengths and weaknesses are, and she is confident in what she wants to be and to work towards it.  But this time takes away from her relationship with her sister.  She doesn’t see the changes nor the jealousy that is most likely to set in.  Because Winter is probably the one overshadowed by her sister, not Weiss.

Frail Winter, who wasn’t allowed to go on bunk beds.  Who had to watch her sister become a more and more skilled fighter and yet was forbidden to travel alone or pick up even a knife or whatever.

Invisible Winter, to where the receptionist wasn’t exactly sure if she came in with her father to the building.  The receptionist had no problem saying her father was in.  Then added…”I think your sister, Winter”.  This sentence also more strongly for Weiss being heiress and not presumptive.  If someone is a possible Heiress or coparcenary, then there is no way a receptionist would “think” they were there.  They would know.

Winter, consumed by her own jealousy of her sister, takes on the yolk and shadow of her father.  Following him around, seeing what he does—and agreeing with it.

As I said, this is all conjecture based on dialogue and behavior in the show.  Really, you can put any face you want on it.  But this makes the most sense to me.  With RWBY having only two episodes left, I imagine that we won’t find out any more until the next Volume.  I am hoping we get a hint of Adam by the end of this Volume, though :)

Creatures of Grimm

Okay, I had really wanted a semblance WoR but I guess that will be on the Blu-Ray.  I still haven’t found out when things will be available in Japan XD  I may end up begging my beloved brother/friend….or just wait.  

Anyway, I find this pretty darn enlightening.  So they re-state how Grimm are drawn by negative emotions, and then they go further.  Origins are not known, but since Grimm evaporate as soon as defeated, that makes sense.  I love how they worded it.  “Scientists”  IE the Fandom XD  So they debunked several head-canons and theories.

As they describe the creatures, they go on to talk about how it was believed they were possessed animals—but then the occurrence of new Grimm, Grimm that may not look like any known animals, put that idea to bed.  That leaves spirits or something else.  Gonna go with something else.

What really caught my attention was that they don’t really attack other animals outside of possible territorial disputes.  And they most likely don’t *need* to feed.  They just choose to.  THAT is creepy.  Now, thinking about the fact that Grimm are attracted to negative emotions, and they seem to solely target humans.  While animals do feel emotions like humans do, including negative ones—-they don’t tend to exhibit those emotions the same way as humans do.  In the wild, you can not really afford to emotions.  It is survival.  The emotions are short lived, really, and not dominating everything as completely as humans tend to have.  This is kind of hard to explain.  Not only that, but humans feel these emotions for both physical (getting hit by someone) and abstract reasons (my SO cheated on me).  These emotions tend to consume humans sometimes.  And part of that is civilization and moving out of the wild.

This would explain why humans made it to the point where they could form tribes.  Once they shifted from wild animals to conscious, calculating society, they became targets of Grimm.  The thing is, by the time these societies began to grow, it became harder to kill off humans.

I feel that this WoR confirmed the fact that Grimm are not *intelligent*.  They have an ability to learn to become more efficient killers, but that doesn’t mean they are intelligent.  Being able to learn doesn’t equal intelligence.  Mindlessness doesn’t necessarily mean lack of intelligence, either.  In Oobleck’s description and in this WoR, they never once mention intelligence even in passing.  Grimm are killers, their targets are humans.  They can become better killers through learning caution (which is also a survival thing for any species) but at this time, we have not seen them strategizing or applying new skills or anything that indicates intelligence.  Old Grimm become cautious and mindful.  

Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t possibly intelligent Grimm or maybe something intelligent controlling them.  It is just that so far, we haven’t been given any proof of that.

There was a post in the comments of the video who noted the title:  “Creatures of Grimm”  not “Grimm Creatures” and I think I follow him in this.  Let me copy what he said, because he said it well:  His username is LordSoulhin
Thoughts about origin: Why “Creatures OF Grimm”, why not “Grimm creatures”?

I think this may have some parallels with Dr Frankenstein and his monster. Often the monster is referred to as Frankenstein incorrectly much like how the creatures of Grimm are largely referred just as Grimm.

If this is true, does that then mean that Grimm is the name of their creator, rather then themselves? That’s what I reckon, but clearly it can’t be a human creator since the Grimm have existed as long (if not longer) as Humanity has. Must be some kind of supernatural being of some sort. Evil deity? Might also be responsible for the creation of the Faunus. Might also explain why Humans appear to have a hatred for them if they are at all associated with Grimm. Much like the White Fang is now.

I think this is pretty much on the money.  There was a book I read called “Shade” by Emily Devenport.  In the book, there was a race of aliens called the Lyrrha (I know I spelled it wrong..I haven’t read the book in years and I don’t have the copy any more).  Anyway, these creatures are pretty sadistic and are constantly changing and reconstructing themselves to the point where they don’t even look like their original species.  It is implied that they may be responsible for several of the species found in the book.  So I wonder if the creator of Grimm is something like that race.

Everyone is drawing reference from Attack on Titans.  I have yet to see that show, but it wouldn’t surprise me as Monty does watch this show.  Then again, all Animes have some creature/person who is bent on the destruction of the human race.  So this is not a new theme—almost necessary since humans as we are now have no known predator outside of ourselves.

The video implies that humans basically developed and grew on Remnant, what with the spears most associated with our caveman ancestors.  But what if it fell much like Pern (Ann Mccaffrey) where humans from an advanced civilization came to Remnant but lost their technology (maybe they crash landed or something) and had to start from scratch.  So many possibilities!

Showing Professor Port was awesome ^_^  And his…verbose descriptions of his exploits make sense, in a way.  I mean, that would kind of suck to not be able to get proof of how you took down this or that creature.  I think i would like to see Port in action.

So lots of good information and ideas for theories ^_^

I had been tossing this back and forth in my mind for a couple of days now.  Semblance.  We got a lot of information about Semblance in the last episode, but still kind of vague.  What and how it works.  I ran into a Theory that I think fits pretty well.  It was from a person on facebook, and you can read his theory here:

Now there were some points off.  For example, he stressed Blake’s hiding and placed Ruby as the one who flees.  Hiding and running are two forms of avoiding a situation, but that doesn’t make them the same.  Blake herself said she runs away.  She doesn’t hide.  She runs. She flat out removes herself from the situation as quickly as possible and she feels her Semblance reflects that.  In fact, she explicitly states that it was what she was born with.

So I think we need to look at what we know about Semblances.  They are innate, individual abilities.  They must be unlocked and discovered.  A person is born with the Semblance they have.  Those are all in-show.  To add from what Monty said, they do look at the parents when it comes to Semblances.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are hereditary, just that the parents and what they teach their kids influences the Semblance the child has.  Basically, it is a combination of nature and nurture that develops the Semblance.

Now the above theory was very much on track, but I think it is far simpler than that.  I think Semblances are directly linked to the Nature and personality of the person.  Yes, Pyrrha is lonely and wishes to find friendship for who she is—-but that is not her personality.  That is not who she is.  I think Semblances are connected to who they are.  This makes sense when you think of fighting in general.  Fighting styles are dependent on the nature of the individual.  No matter who teaches them, they will adapt and adjust the style to match who they are and what they are comfortable with.  Semblances enhance that fighting style and work together with the person’s nature.  

For example, Yang’s thrill-seeking, adventurous attitude doesn’t really support speed and agility.  Her personality isn’t about dodging and being faster, it is about slamming through one barrier after another as they come and not worrying about the next one until it is time.  I wonder if the amount of strength she gains from the hit she takes is determined by the strength of the hit…..

Pyrrha’s personality has been one of motherly support and wisdom, of guiding people and directing them without them really feeling the strings being pulled.  She is subtle.  That is her nature, so polarity works well with that natural tendency.

Blake is physically weaker than others, she doesn’t fight well on her own.  She works better in teams rather than solo.  Her semblance really matches with this style of fighting.  She sees it negatively at the moment.

Weiss is also a physically weaker character, but her strength lies in her mind (she does state that she is one of the smartest in her class !)  Glyphs work well with her because it requires more mental stamina and will and uses buffs to help her withstand more.  Weiss has shown to be more willing to step forward and directly confront something—-but not immediately.  She takes her time, plots and plans.  Even though she is not physically strong, she seems to be better at solo fighting than Blake, which I think is a key difference.  Having buffs and debuffers won’t do much good for someone who is weak at solo fighting.

Ruby is a little harder.  She is a solo fighter, though obviously physically weaker than most.  She is quick to think of an idea or plan on the spur of the moment, and doesn’t back down.  She is straightforward, and she doesn’t wait.  She wants to do things now, as soon as possible.  That is what I pick up from her, at least. But really, for Ruby—-we have had little contact with who she really is.  We can infer it from her interactions with others—-friendly, open-minded, cheerful, honest—but we have yet to witness her own inner monologue like we have with pretty much everyone else.

So I think semblances are more directly related to their personalities and their nature—not their desires and the things they are working through.  Which means that the less we know about a character, the harder it will be to figure out or predict what their Semblances are.

Now that we have gone through those theories, I want to expand even more.  I believe that Semblances are not static.  That they grow and develop over time and practice, and that the way a person views themselves and their Semblances can impact how it develops.  It becomes  a direct correlation with their own personal growth and development over time.  In fact, I think that a positive self view versus a negative self view determines how much a Semblance can develop.  It is already shown that Negativity actually lures Grimm.  What if it also impeded the development of a Semblance.  Right now, Blake has a very negative view of herself.  She essentially sees herself as a coward, one who runs away at any sign of trouble.  And she feels her Semblance only proves that.  I can say from experience that the more negatively you view yourself, the harder it is to improve anything.

But if she could see her Semblance and herself in a more positive light, then maybe her Semblance could develop to the point where she could project it further from herself to serve as decoys during reconnaissance missions and such.  

The problem with both my theory and the theory above is that so many different possibilities can be associated with any given trait or personality.  So even if either or both these theories are accurate, they can not really be applied well outside of creating your own characters.  I think the important thing is to not confuse what a character wants or their pains with their personality and who they are, which is what I feel the above theory makes the mistake of.  Desires change.  Pyrrha didn’t always want to draw people to her—-in fact, loneliness didn’t hit her until she became famous it seems.  She had to have unlocked and learned her Semblance waaaay before then.  Still without that theory,  I wouldn’t have thought of it and I still think his theory is a good one and was the foundation for my own.  But that is my theory and I hope to see how it pans out as we get more details.  I am really hoping this next World of Remnant is about Semblances specifically. ^_^

For the TL:DR people: Semblances are Cutie Marks.

RWBY After Show w/ Jeff & Casey Williams, & Jen Brown Volume 2 Episodes 9 & 10 | AfterBuzz TV

This afterbuzz was fun ^_^ It does seem kind of weird to discuss the show with people who weren’t in it, though. I  felt kind of bad for Jen Brown.  Can’t they plan these in accordance with Episodes?  Talking to Jen during the episode with Pyrrha’s fight scene would have been better.  Ah well, i am sure there are some details I don’t understand.

I really have respect for Casey Williams.  she makes me want to get back into singing again.  Sadly, my current situation makes it difficult to sing with even half the confidence I used to have.  If my watchers are brave, I may record a song for them from RWBY.  I finally figured out how to make semi-karaoke versions.  If they would rather spare their ears, then so be it ^_^

I do love hearing about the process for the music creation.  I would like to point out that during the RTX 2014 panel, Jeff was brought up to talk about Red Like Roses part 2.  He had been looking at Monty uncertainly while talking—-like he wasn’t sure if it was okay to say “dead” or not.  This time, he said “Lost”.  So…hmm… okay filing that away for a later post. ^_^  But this is very important.  Jeff doesn’t have all the details outside of what little Monty gives him.  So basically, he is making guesses and inferences based on loose information so that he can give just enough hints for this or that but not give anything away.  Oooo Monty is evil!  For some things, though, I bet he knows more than the cast!

Anyway, enjoy the afterbuzz.  Jen is so cool.  I want to meet her ^_^

I have been trying over and over again to write up my summary and theories from this episode…and it just isn’t coming.  The more I tried to push, the more it remained silent.  Then I realized why—-this is a transition episode.  They wrapped up the end of the conversation between the girls on their motivations and slid in to the discovery of the White Fang base.  It was a smooth transition with natural interactions and sprinkled with tidbits and information of Vale and a few other characters.  It isn’t material for epic writing, but for observation.

In the beginning of the episode, we get our first solid confirmation that there was something deep between Glynda and Ironwood.  She talks to him like a confident and possibly a past lover.  Ironwood gazes at the City of vale laying across the bay (I guess?), deep in thought.  My own eyes are drawn to the windows.  I can clearly see a letter B in there and wonder if there is some word or something.  Even in the reflect it looks like I can see something like “city” backwards.  If it is some other RT Easter egg, well..I am just not RT-enough to really catch it.  Maybe it is nothing but a coincidence.  I am scouring comments and discussions to see if anyone else noticed, but apparently so far—no.

In their conversation, we learn that Ozpin seems to be at the head something that pulled Glynda and Ironwood into it.  Most likely, it was through this thing that they came together and eventually split.  Perhaps they just couldn’t see eye to eye.  Glynda trusts and follows Ozpin explicitly.  Ironwood is not so sure.  We get this impression that Ozpin was some kind of force to be reckoned with—and maybe he still is.  But in a way, the way Ironwood talks about it, it makes me wonder what kind of trust is warranted to him.  Ironwood trusted him at one point, but is now in doubt.  Glynda tells him to just trust him—-basically she is asking him to blindly entrust Ozpin with his life and whatever else.  Even i don’t agree with blind trust, and I am wondering exactly what it is that is leading Ironwood to distrust Ozpin.  He makes it sound like Ozpin was once very active and aggressive, and that now Ironwood is confused by his sudden pacifism.  I think more than anything, I want to see Ozpin’s semblance now. ^_^

We pan back to the girls who are wrapping up their own confusions and talking out their concerns.  They not only try to clarify, they try to dissect their own reasons for becoming hunters.  None of them as of yet hits on the fact that being a hunter is just part of who they are, but they come to recognize that the first part of being a hunter is to help and protect people.  This is something that Ruby has always understood from the start.  Ruby herself seems to have little other motivation than the desire to do what she is.

What I am really caught by is the more depth we get to each.  In Weiss, we learn that she DOES know what her father is doing, that it is wrong, and she has this overwhelming desire to stop it and make things right.  I may be the only one to remember that I did call this when I analyzed the lyrics to Mirror Mirror at this entry:

Weiss is still unwilling to admit how bad it is, though.  She covers it with “gray area” even though she knows it is worse than that.  I think that just goes along with her mask and the fact that no matter what, her father still represents the family name.  So this indicates to me that either her mother or grandfather was a really strong influence on her, keeping her from being corrupted by her father.  She still feels the need to defend her family, even though she knows they are in the wrong.  It actually isn’t a contradiction, though.  She recognizes her father as being slightly separate from the Schnee name and she wants to prevent him from ending the honor of her name—-of herself.  In that respect, my wonderings about her wanting to be Heiress were off.  I suspected that maybe she didn’t want to be Heiress…but in this, we see, it is the opposite.  She is the Heiress in all respects.

And from this small bit,  I think we can now see the ideas of what her Royal Test is in “Red like Roses”.  By all accounts, her father may not want to let her inherit.  Especially because her passions and ideals run opposite his own.  This makes me even more suspicious of Winter being more tied to their father and his plans, but it could be that Weiss is not expecting that change in her sister.  

From Blake, we learn more about Adam!  So cool!  many people had said they thought he was her mentor, and it sounded about right.  The way she talks about him is starting to give credence to him being a leader within White Fang.  She talks about how his idea for a perfect world wasn’t perfect for everyone.  So I am almost going to throw my hat into the ring and say that yes, he is a leader.  I am expecting to see him at the end of this volume in some way.  Honestly, when they were dragging Ruby to see “the boss” I was expecting Adam to show up.  But this much I will say.  Blake will have to fight Adam.  This fight will be a part of her overcoming her need to flee when things get bad.

Outside of Blake talking about Adam and her semblance, she still doesn’t have as solid an idea of what she wants to do.  Like Weiss, she wants to bring justice and right the wrongs of the world—-to make it a better place.  But with all the hate, she just doesn’t know how to make it better.  it hurts her to her core because it isn’t just the hate against Faunus, it is the hate against humans as well.  To Blake, Hunters were the middle ground—-the best option.  Hunters all over the world are honored.  Her words imply that Hunters are the few people where it doesn’t matter if they are human or Faunus, their mere title puts them beyond that.  It is no wonder she chose that route.

Out of all four girls, Yang is the least certain of her reasons.  But her explanation makes so much sense.  she doesn’t want to know what will happen next.  She doesn’t want responsibility or to be a hero.  She just wants adventure, unpredictability.  And thinking of her life, it shows that she is running from something.  I mean, as a child there was always that knowledge that one or both of her parents could be hurt or killed on the job.  When her mother finally died, she was thrust into the role of adult.  She took care of her sister, probably the house as well, and tried to bring her dad out of his depression.  We can all imagine this just based one her story to Yang, the song Gold, and what we know of those kinds of lives that we have seen often either for real or in stories.  She feels bound and trapped and she needs freedom.  But we all know that it is those who do not want to be the hero who are most often pressed to the task.  I worry that she will be a tragic hero.

Weiss finally says what they are all hinting at—-that no matter their personal reasons for being a hunter, the first and most important thing is that it is a job to protect and help people.  That this is the one thing that trumps everything else.  And Dr. Oobleck smiles. ^_^  I loved that part because I felt that same kind of pride.  They all touched briefly on the fact that being a hunter resonated with their core selves—-even if they didn’t recognize it directly—and the primary purpose of the job.  Kids grow up so fast :D

Now, as I predicted, Zwei is the reason they found the White Fang base.  I think it was kind of cute how modest Zwei went looking for a place to go to the bathroom, and let’s face it—-that dog is super intelligent.  “Bark once for yes” waits until they go into the building, then barks.  That dog has some experience.  I want a back-story on him as well XD

The scooby-do fashion stalking was so cute—and so like Ruby.  And I felt Ruby was very smart—-she follows them from a distance, and once she knows where they are, she pulls out her phone to call the others.  And I laughed when it said “Low signal”.  There was something about that that just cracked me up so much.  Maybe it is because I once worked for a cell phone company in customer service, or that I see my husband or someone else do that in remote locations.  In any case, it gave me an idea of the level of their technology.  The sudden sink hole thing is kind of overdone, but they passed it off pretty naturally.  And the moment you see her without her scythe, you know she is in trouble.  We really see the contrast of Ruby-with-Scythe versus Ruby-without-Scythe.  That is her arm.  She is pretty much helpless without her weapon, which is actually a bad thing.  Any true fighter should be able to compensate without their primary weapon—but her dependence probably has a deeper cause.  I am curious why she puts so much into it and hasn’t learned to defend herself without it.  It was kind of cute to see her throw a punch like that, and it was a good punch and good effort—-it reminded me of Yang.  Like maybe she was copying how she saw Yang fight.

Torchwick is totally going to gloat over Ruby.  He is going to be “well, Red!  Fancy running into you here.” or some such.

From Dr. Oobleck, we get details on Mountain Glenn and what transpired.  It was an attempt of expansion that failed due to lack of natural barriers (IE mountains).  The city was eventually overrun, but the citizens still fought to stay by moving to the underground network that was meant to be a subway system to take them back to the inner city for jobs and such.  While they were able to live for a while in piece, a chance explosion (or a purposeful one…) led to the opening of a cave that house subterranean Grimm.  The gravity of the situation is apparent.  The subterranean subway leads directly to the inner city of Vale, thus endangering hundreds of thousands of people at least.  Vale had little choice—-they had to seal the subway and thus sacrifice those people who had chosen to live there.  It is a dark story in history that must have happened sometime before or after the wars, given the state of the city.

Obviously the people were massacred by the Grimm.  Thus given weight to my idea that the average person can not use Aura, nor unlock their semblance, nor use Dust as a weapon of defense effectively.  They were basically sitting ducks on a silver platter for the Grimm.  Here is something even more disturbing—-team RWBY had no idea.  It was wiped from the history at least for the average people and young children.  They would probably have learned about it in Beacon, but still….that is quite a coverup.  Don’t look at that abandoned city with thousands of dead beneath it folks.  Nothing there at all.

And then these words float in the back of my head: “I have made more mistakes than any man, woman, or child on this planet.”  And i wonder….is Ozpin responsible for the tragedy at Mountain Glenn?  Is Ozpin actually some behind-the-scenes puppet master running all of Vale?  How old is this guy anyway?

And then we get the greatest reveal of all time: Oobleck’s weapon.  We all knew it was coming.  We all saw it coming, but the timing, the words, the was just so beautiful how he casually whips it out.  I loved it so much.

Of course, there is a big reveal about Semblances (well I think so),  but I am going to do that in another post.  I have a feeling that the next World of Remnant will be on Semblances, so I am reluctant to go out on a limb if more information is coming so soon…but it was very telling about what she said, and it probably won’t let me sleep tonight which will mean that I will end up having to talk about it anyway.  So either the one on Semblance is coming up this week, or is the BluRay exclusive.

But for now, I think that is good.  I have several theories stewing in the back of my head,  but I am hard-pressed to give them priority to the RWBY fan art I am working on.  Almost done with the first of four ^_^

Okay.  I can finally put this to rest and agree—-Ruby didn’t kill them.  Because someone finally gave me this image and pointed out what my blind eyes couldn’t see.  The back is not straight.  Why I saw it otherwise, I don’t know.  Bad eyesight, too fast of animation.  In any case, I have no problem admitting I am wrong when I can see I am wrong.  People have been telling me this in words, but only this one person brought this image to my attention during a long discussion with a group by showing it to me.  I guess other people also see it like I did, so I wanted to give a very clear image like the person showed me so that we won’t have anyone else making the same mistake as me.

In this image, I can clearly see now the back of Crescent Rose is pulled back and the butt of the end is slamming into the guy.  Crushed ribs, yes.  Impalement, no.  Crescent Rose is very capable of extending the back and front straight (shown in the Red Trailer) or pulling it into a 90 degree angle making it non-fatal.  I had already concede that it could be argued she used the back of Crescent Rose for the other two goons, but this is the argument that sinks my ship very well.  So I happily wave my white flag of defeat.  I accept that I was wrong and I will be more diligent in the future.  Onward with more Ruby!

Oh…and probably Penny should be looked at just to clear that.  I actually don’t recall seeing her hit anyone with her blades but I will re-look at it to make sure that people can’t use her as an excuse either in the future ^_^  Tukson was the first death.

A thanks to Rian on Facebook for helping me put two and two together accurately. ^_^

Edit to add—I find it hilarious that after I post this confirm that my previous post about Tukson not being the first death is being reblogged constantly now.  Hmm.. I don’t delete posts, even if I am wrong, but I should edit that one just a bit ^_^

Also here

Not long ago Monty Oum posted a screenshot of his desktop with tons of easter eggs.  I will be honest—I can not find anything on that, it is so pixelated.  I am no computer whiz, but I know when to stand on the shoulders of geniuses XD  So this is what people found.  I included their twitter names, but you can also follow the link above to see who said what.

darkstr365  pointed out that dead fantasy moves are being used.  That was obvious, especially when Penny came in :D

NazlsWellCool said that someone is called Flynt Coal.

GusLothian goes all out.  Willow Schnee.  Taiyang Xiao Long, Flynt, and Yue.  He also adds more at the bottom of the conversation, bless him—  Willow & C Schnee (Ciel or Cid).  Venus M (Milan?),  Aspara, Yue (Mama Yang?) Pondina, Taiyang.

While many people say they see Penny’s last name, Daekgna gives it: Penny Polendina.  Oh, and he is also the one who tells you to check the revocs in the screen on the left.  Still trying! :D

Anyway, I can’t see any of this information at all but it is interesting.  I really wonder how others figured it out because that image is so damn small!  Mayhaps people just have far better programs and computers than me.  Most likely ^_^  Anyway, enjoy that little tidbit—-Taiyang *did* make an appearance so that probably means that these twitter people are awesome.

Do you remember when you were around seventeen and people kept asking you what you wanted to do with your life?  Generally, you had a blank look on your face and shrugged off the question—-or you knew but you couldn’t really articulate it well.  

This episode highlighted that very aspect of growing up extremely well.  Dr. Oobleck is a great teacher in knowing what to ask who and how.  Part of it could have been just out of his own personal quest for knowledge, and part of it was probably just to get them thinking.  It isn’t until you are asked that question that you start to really consider it and develop your own answers.  Until then, you are kind fo grasping in the dark for words that you haven’t quite learned yet.

In the case of our three girls—Yang, Blake and Weiss—their answers were not their own.  Very nice touch ;)  Yang’s answer really reflected how she had her own personal vision of her mother—-running around, fighting off monsters and going on adventures, etc.  It matches really well with the Super Mom view she had of Summer Rose.  It isn’t quite her own answer, though, but it is that image that got her started on the path and something else that kept her going.  That something else is an innate part of her that she will have to discover.

Weiss also answered with what her family would have said—duty, legacy.  That is very much probably what her parents have told her all her life when she resisted doing something.  “You have a duty as a Schnee.”  or as an heiress.  Something else hooked her to being a huntress, and it is something deep within her that not even her family can guess at.

Blake’s answer was very White Fang-ish.  There are so many injustices and wrongs in the world, etc.  While she does have a driving urge to be a social justice warrior, there is something more.  She left White Fang because of the corruption and disregard for life.  

All of the girls have the answers—-but they are the answers that they think someone else might have given.  Not their own.  Now they are really thinking—-they are realizing that those answers are not their own, and they are trying to figure out what their own answers are.

I guess now the question is—-why didn’t Oobleck ask Ruby?  A lot of people seem to think that this is because she has very sound reasons of her own that were already stated in Volume 1.  I don’t think that is the reason.  The first reason I think he didn’t ask her is because she already stated her reasons in the first volume and the authors wanted to avoid repetition.  the second reason I think he didn’t ask her is because there is something important in there to the plot that the writers don’t want leaked just yet.  The third reason is because of her age—she is two years younger.  If the older students struggle in finding their own answers but can be aware of it, she may not be able to even make that distinction just yet.  She needs another piece of experience to help her go that deep.  Also, it is obvious that Dr. Oobleck has been briefed on the girls and something in that briefing had him hold back and instead try to show Ruby something far more important: respect.

As we have seen constantly throughout the series, Ruby’s response to just about anything is to pull out her scythe.  As Monty also pointed out, Ruby is dependent on her weapon.  She doesn’t quite understand that there is more to the Grimm and more to life then killing the bad guys.  He needed to first open her mind to the possibilities within their world before asking her such an introspective question.

And the final reason he didn’t ask her—-she asked him first.  He had expected her to ask why he was questioning the team, but she surprised him slightly with a more mature question—what about you?  And notice that his answer was far more personal.  He was doing it because of how what he saw in the world made him feel personally, how he observed his own strengths and weaknesses, and how he realized that there is nothing else in the world he would rather be.  THIS is an answer that takes years and experience, and a deep understanding of yourself, to come to, and this is what he is trying to help the girls understand.  Being a huntress or huntsmen is not something you do for adventure, fun, or righting wrongs of the world.  You do it because that is precisely what you are in your soul.

Take heed of this, because this is the truth for anything.  Many of us give up on our dreams, on what we really want to be, because of the world.  We settle for jobs and lives that help us “get by” and we forget about who we are.  I teach because that is what I need to do, but I know now where my heart lies and what I truly am: an artist.  It took probably as many years as Dr. Oobleck to fully understand that.  The younger audience of RWBY can take this to heart earlier.  It is that answer that we couldn’t think of at 17 because we just didn’t have the worldly experience and self-understanding to articulate it.  

And when you think of that answer, you realize that Ruby isn’t quite there yet either.  She says she wants to help people and her parents taught her to help others, so she chose this route.  Since she wants to help people and her parents encourage that, she felt it right to make a career out of it.  She thought of being on the police, but felt that Hunters were cooler and more romantic.  So she is 50/50 on the right track on the answer that Oobleck was trying to lead them to.  Even later, when Ruby is talking to Blake about her book she is much closer in her answer then.  She talks about how she wanted to be just like those heros in the book, to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves and such.

Probably Ruby is the closest to understand that she wants to be a Huntress because that is what she is at her core, and she can be nothing else.

And now, this episode makes me want to work harder at establishing myself in art.  This is probably now one of my top episodes just for that psychological aspect.  Again, I say, Dr. Oobleck is a great teacher.   ^_^

Oh, I almost forgot—he gave us some important information about the Grimm as well.  He pointed out the Elephant-type Grimm and how they had evolved to realize that they need to “wait” rather than attacking mindlessly.  I find this interesting.  It isn’t exactly that they have a mind, but just that they have learned.  This is a natural thing in Animals in general—-they eventually put two and two together and this leads them to live a long time because they avoid the things that kill them.  To equate having a mind with intelligence is a long stretch, but I wouldn’t doubt that some Grimm have some level of intelligence.  But then that puts in the question of…does a mind make a soul (which makes Aura?)  if it is conscious realization and having a mind that makes a soul, then while the Grimm can learn, they don’t technically have a conscious mind.  However, if they can evolve to that, then that means having a soul is tied to something else.  ooo I love this philosophical stuff!  But that last bit…they are waiting.  That was very ominous.  Waiting…for what?

And we learn that Grimm can pick up on negativity—that is what draws them to attack.  So what is keeping them out of the cities?  We see that part of Vale had previously been attacked and demolished, so we know that it is possible.  But how is it that they are not attacking the current city of Vale?  Cities and large gatherings of people by nature, make tons of negativity that would be a relative smorgasbord to the Grimm.  But we also learn that because of these Grimm (I believe they were called Goliaths) learning to survive, they lived for hundreds of years.  That really makes things interesting.

Oh yeah, and Dr. Oobleck mentions how Dogs were great partners of hunters because of their heightened sense of smell and hearing.  Sooooo that means that Zwei is going to lead them to the hideout, probably ^_^

It is nice to hear about what the other teams are doing.  Nora was cute—-seems to be back to her quirky self.  Apparently she and Ren have tiffs about who makes who hungry ^_-

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