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Well, first off—-my polls are still open! :D hurry and vote if you haven’t already!  I have a little more time to spare! :DNext—as you can see by the beautiful image above, I have been blessed by a great friend!  I still can’t get over it.  I actually have the action figure.  She is still in the box, where she is safe and sound—-but I may open her up one of these days.  I just love it so much!I have also been watching the production diaries.  They hold a lot of secrets that I wish to understand. I saw hints about how weapons might be designed in the show, and the evolution of characters.  I admit, I am glad they changed the color scheme for the outfit.  I think it looks much better this way.  Initially I didn’t like the winner.  The colors are not something that works well with my eyes.  I should learn to overcome those kinds of prejudices.  Seeing the adjustments and understanding what they were going for with Velvet helped me see that this really was the best choice.  Still, if he had wanted a DnD look—-he should have said so in the contest!  Modern and DnD are very different styles! lol.  Nah, it’s all cool.I am currently doing massive research into my drawing project for RWBY.  It is holding me until they start the next Diary. :)  Everyone enjoy and take care! And VOTE!!
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Well, first off—-my polls are still open! :D

So hurry and vote if you haven’t already!  I have a little more time to spare! :D

Next—as you can see by the beautiful image above, I have been blessed by a great friend!  I still can’t get over it.  I actually have the action figure.  She is still in the box, where she is safe and sound—-but I may open her up one of these days.  I just love it so much!

I have also been watching the production diaries.  They hold a lot of secrets that I wish to understand. I saw hints about how weapons might be designed in the show, and the evolution of characters.  I admit, I am glad they changed the color scheme for the outfit.  I think it looks much better this way.  Initially I didn’t like the winner.  The colors are not something that works well with my eyes.  I should learn to overcome those kinds of prejudices.  Seeing the adjustments and understanding what they were going for with Velvet helped me see that this really was the best choice.  Still, if he had wanted a DnD look—-he should have said so in the contest!  Modern and DnD are very different styles! lol.  Nah, it’s all cool.

I am currently doing massive research into my drawing project for RWBY.  It is holding me until they start the next Diary. :)  Everyone enjoy and take care! And VOTE!!

I have been thinking a lot about Red Like Roses Part II….  It is a wonderful song, so full of power and information, and really has a lot of hints about Ruby herself, I think.  Now, why some people feel that this song might be future-related, I don’t think it is.  First of all, all the lyrics are past or present tense.  The way the words roll from the song indicates something that has happened.  I think if a song is future-tense, it would have less definite wording.  “I May Fall” is a good example of a song that may be hinting at a future event to come.  Most of the words are present-tense or future-tense, indicating something about to come.

The thing is, while this show has a lot of dips and twists, lots of secret stuff—-they are not super-hard.  Looking back at everything thus far, the hints had been pretty simple and blatant.  The only thing to make the hints more difficult is our own over-thinking (guilty as charged!! ^_^)  So let’s take a look at the lyrics really quick.

I couldn’t take it, couldn’t stand another minute;
Couldn’t bear another day without you in it.
All of the joy that I had known for all my life
Was stripped away from me the minute that you died.

To have you in my life was all I ever wanted,
But now without you I’m a soul forever haunted.
Can’t help but feel that I had taken you for granted;
No way in Hell that I can ever comprehend this.

I wasn’t dreaming when they told me you were gone,
I was wide awake and feeling that they had to be wrong.
How could you leave me when you swore that you would stay?
Now I’m trapped inside a nightmare every single f’ing day.

It’s like a movie, but there’s not a happy ending;
Every scene fades black, and there’s no pretending.
This little fairy tale doesn’t seem to end well,
There’s no knight in shining armor who will wake me from the spell.

I know you didn’t plan this;
You tried to do what’s right.
But in the middle of this madness,
I’m the one you left to win this fight.

Red like roses
Fills my head with dreams and finds me
Always closer
To the emptiness and sadness
That has come to take the place of you.

I know you’re broken down by anger and by sadness;
You feel I left you in a world that’s full of madness.
Wish I could talk to you, if only for a minute;
Make you understand the reasons why I did it.

I wanna tell you that you’re all that ever mattered;
Want you to know that, for eternity, I’m shattered.
I tried so hard just to protect you, but I failed to,
And in a prison of abandonment I’ve jailed you.

I never planned that I would leave you there alone,
I was sure that I would see you when I made it back home.
And all the times I swore that it would be okay;
Now I’m nothing but a liar, and you’re thrown into the fray.

This bedtime story ends with misery ever after,
The pages are torn, and there’s no final chapter.
I didn’t have a choice, I did what I had to do;
I made a sacrifice, but forced a bigger sacrifice on you.

I know you’ve lived a nightmare;
I caused you so much pain.
But, baby, please don’t do what I did;
I don’t want you to waste your life in vain.

Red like roses
Fills my head with dreams and finds me
Always closer
To the emptiness and sadness
That has come to take the place of you.

You’re not the only one who needed me; I thought you understood.
You were the one I needed, and you left me as I always feared you would.
Would I change it if I could?
It doesn’t matter how,
The petals scatter now.
Every nightmare just discloses
It’s your blood that’s red like roses,
And no matter what I do,
Nothing ever takes the place of you.

Red like roses
Fills my head with dreams and finds me
Always closer
To the emptiness and sadness
That has come to take the place of you.

There are several things I like about this song.  One of the greatest is in the lyrics “f’ing” day.  I love this line simply because it illustrates the kind of character who is singing.  She is a child, she is young—and though she is angry, she is not a swearer.  It fits Ruby like a glove. :)

The lyrics are actually pretty straightforward.  You have a  girl who is talking about her anger and frustration at having lost someone she held very dearly, and you have the lost one responding, trying to reach out to her and comfort her but unable to.  In this song, we have a whole relationship laid out before us in detail.  The dependence and fear, the feelings of betrayal.  This song is extremely well written.

And even more importantly, I think it gives us a hint about Ruby’s scatter ability and the rose-petals.

Red like roses
Fills my head with dreams and finds me
Always closer
To the emptiness and sadness
That has come to take the place of you.
It doesn’t matter how,
The petals scatter now.
Every nightmare just discloses
It’s your blood that’s red like roses,
And no matter what I do,
Nothing ever takes the place of you.

Thinking about these particular lyrics started a theory in my head, as well as Monty’s prompting on his twitter (he said “Hmmm wonder where the rose petals come from… ?”)

Good question.  Those rose-petals only appear when she is in Scatter-mode, on the cliff when she is standing there, or when she kills something.  It looks as though the petals come off her cloak in the trailer and in the Emerald Forest Arc.  

But then…when you watch her kill people in the first episode (and animals in the trailer) each time she kills them, they burst out in petals.  She kills them with her scythe—bullets or blade—and we know Crescent Rose is dust-infused.

Well, that leads me to an inference.  The petals are the Dust.  It is how she focuses and uses it.  Just like Weiss uses Glyphs.  Which means, her cloak is infused with dust.  We have already had hints that clothing can also be used to carry and process dust—and not just in my little discussion about Shoes.  Cinder’s fall dress is obviously a dust conduit.  So this makes perfect sense!  I am willing to bet that Ruby can only use her Scatter ability with her cloak.  She hasn’t yet been in a situation where she wasn’t wearing it in a fight, but it explains why it is part of her battle gear despite it’s obvious disadvantages (*cough cough* giant feathers *cough cough*)

Now time to look at something else.  So…why does Summer Rose have the same kind of cloak but white?  This just caught my attention.  The world is all about unique designs for the characters.  Obviously people are only going to have similarities when there is some kind of connection or hint, or at least that is what we have seen a bit so far.  Now the simple thing is that Ruby is copying Summer Rose, or that it is a family tradition thing.

But….I think it is a bit more…devious than that.  Red like roses fills my dreams.  It’s your blood that’s red like roses…

This is what I think.  After Ruby learned of Summer Rose’s death, she started having nightmares about how Summer Rose died.  And I think those nightmares are coming from the cloak.  After Summer Rose died, the team found her cloak and returned it to the Rose family.  Ruby inherited the cloak, and maybe clung to it because it was the last remnant of her beloved Summer Rose (whom I really believe is her Mother).  The Dust within the cloak began to react to Ruby, her nightmares, her pain and frustration.  It absorbed the blood red color from the dreams that haunted her, taking on her color.  I kind of think that Summer Rose is trying to communicate to Ruby about what happened and why through the dust-infused cloak, hence the dreams of blood and death.  However, Ruby is young so the communication is very limited.  I think as Ruby grows in strength and experience, she might start having dreams where Summer Rose tries to talk to her, to warn her and guide her.  And it is all connected through the cloak and the dust therein.  Ruby basically inherited the Scatter ability from Summer Rose.

There is a chance that it isn’t quite so dark.  The cloak could just be reacting to her “coloring” but…why is Summer Rose white?  I think that is kind of important.  Summer Rose doesn’t make me think of the color white…and despite the fact that she is a ghost, I don’t think that is the reason for it being white.

Damnit.  Volume 2 can not get here soon enough!  I love this theory, though.  It is also made stronger from the trailer’s first lyrics.

Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest.

Red Like Roses Part II is just a continuation, giving more details.  I think from this alone, it makes me think that the cloak and it’s history are connection to Ruby’s dreams of Summer Rose’s death.  It is a tenacious connection, though.  Maybe sometimes Summer Rose calls Ruby to the grave and tries to tell her, but is left mute due to various barriers.  The idea just keeps growing and getting more detailed, but I am about to talk in circles… :P

So to close, my theory is that the Cloak was originally Summer Rose’s.  When she died, it was collected from her body and given to Ruby as part of her inheritance.  For whatever reason, the cloak became red.  It allows Ruby to do her Scatter ability (also inherited from Summer Rose) and acts as a tentative bond to the Ghost of Summer Rose, allowing very minimal communication via dreams and sometimes calling Ruby to the place of the Grave.  Summer Rose is trying to communicate to Ruby about her future and destiny, the danger she is in.  She is trying to show Ruby how she died so that Ruby can prepare for it and prevent the same future for herself.  However, Ruby’s experience and skill with Dust is very minimal.  Until she learns more about herself (develops and “levels up” if you will), she will be unable to unravel the mystery.

Response to an interesting Reblog Note

If there ever comes a day when I can’t review all the notes (yeah, I will *never* be that popular.  Thank god! :D ) then I won’t bother, but I saw a reblog with an interesting note.  They said:

I would agree.

However, before the show premiered, Monty actually brought up an interesting take on the heels.

The can use it to focus and project aura.

You’ve seen their gravity defying jumps? Aura.

Yang has low heels, which makes sense for her style. She does not depend on her soul-power as, say, Weiss does.  She’s a tank. She’d be happier breaking through a wall than doing acrobatics.

I agree that heels are HORRIBLE when doing practically anything. X(

But apparently, in their world, they’re created with another use in mind. So I suspect that the interior workings of the footwear differs slightly from what we know.

Interesting note on Monty’ take—-however, their world can not change how the heels physically affect their feet.  I mean, looking at how high some of those arcs are. XD  They could just as easily do the same thing in flats or lower heels…I think Monty might just be trying too hard to justify the unjustifiable.  He may later say “oh yeah, there is a special healing aura that automatically rights all the wrongs those heels do” and then I would lose justa touch of respect for him. Probably not much, though.  I mean, he is awesome and all.

Man, life has given me a lot of lemons to play with.  At least they are a little sweet. :)

Okay, I have been quiet a while.  Before I get into the thing that woke my brain today, I want to remind you that I have a poll up that I would love people to vote on.  There are two different places—-you can do one or both.

Now, as some of you may have guessed—-I really love this show ^_^  But there are some things that really bug the hell out of me, and I figured I would get one of those things off of my chest now.  The thing that really royally bugs me are—-lady’s shoes.  Now don’t get me wrong, the designs look very awesome and fit the characters—-for a night on the town.  The thing is, they are not practical or realistic for the things these women and girls do.  They are not dancing at a club—-they are jumping, flipping, kicking, and doing all sorts of acrobatics antiques—and I don’t care how skilled you are, 6-inch spiked heels are not what you are going to wear.

I can already hear some people point out many dancers wear heels and are fine.  Strippers, ballroom dancers, tango and salsa…even some belly dancers!  They are fine!  Well, yeah, but look at their movements.  Look at what they are doing and the types of heels they are wearing.  First of all, the majority of those heels for those dancers (ballroom/tango/etc) are two inches or less, have stout (not thin, though there are some) heels, and have reinforced arches.  Second, the majority of those dancers have support—-usually a strong man holding their hand.  Having watched and studied some strip dancing, I know the moves they do are not anywhere near on-par to what we see in RWBY, let along tango or salsa—-though some will throw those in.  None of those women, though, in any of those dancing styles, are doing spinning jump flips with a half twist onto uneven surfaces with nothing else for support.  So that point is moot.

Now onto the real issue.  Heels are the worst shoes ever developed.  They are horrible for your entire god damn body.  You may say it makes you look and feel confident and sexy, but most people do not have any idea what those damn things do to you if you wear them on a continual basis.  Just every day wear can guarantee you that your feet will begin to deform—-that whole foot-binding thing in China isn’t a myth, you know.  True, heels will not deform the foot as much as the extremes in long-ago Asia, but it will still warp and distort and cause you great pain.  Even with proper care and after-heel-wearing exercises, you will still probably develop those things.  The less you wear heels (maybe once a week or just on a special occasion, etc), the less likely you will see the worst of what happens to the feet.

Bunions are a common complaint of women who have worn heels.  Clawed/hammer toes are also another.  The big toe will start to bend inward, creating a horrible knot at the end of the foot because you are literally dislocating the damn thing.  But that is just the start.  Walking or landing wrong in heels can result in fractures of the smalls bones in the arch of the foot.  You can twist your ankle.  Constantly wearing heels will literally shorten your Achilles tendon to the point that it will be painful to walk on your regular flat feet.  These are not horror stories, these are fact (see below for references) and the longer you wear heels, the more likely you will see a lot of these.  But it doesn’t stop there, either.  It travels up your body.  Remember, the human legs are designed as shock-absorbers and are not designed for walking on the toes.  Without the first absorption from the feet, your knees are next.  From there, it hits your hips.  Not only do your hips have to take on the brunt of it, but they are also forced out into an unnatural angle.  This warps your lower back…and eventually can lead to other problems.  See how it just kind of escalates?  And that is just regular wear from every day use.  I don’t even want to imagine the horrors of trying to sprint and jump, or even try a flip in those things!

Of course, it is not just the physical damage heels do that bug me and make me wince when I watch those girls fight.  It is also the improbability of being able to fight in them even if they weren’t bad for your feet.  Heels throw of your balance, they make landing uncertain and take away traction that is desperately needed in a fight.  Traction is highly dependent on how much contact your foot has with the ground and the type of material between it and the surface you are walking on.  Heels, even Weiss’s wedges, remove the element of traction because there is little connection between the two surfaces.  If you were to have one of the high-heeled girls challenge one of the flat/low-heeled girls to a skidding-to-a-stop competition, the high-heeled girl would most likely loose just because of that.  Balance is out.  Even dancers complain about how you *will* fall, and they aren’t doing anything nearly as complex.  Heck, just walking down the street can be dangerous.

Then there are the interesting social ramifications.  I found this really neat article (that has vanished…I will find it again if you want) that pointed out how Heels actually hold women down.  When you think about it, wearing heels forces you to look down a lot more often to make sure you don’t step on a crack/grate/ etc.  Looking down is a sign of being demure and weak—it is one of the signs a predator looks for in women.  Hmm…the article laid it out much more nicely but I forgot to bookmark it.  If I ever find it again, I can add it on.  She had some very valid points!  And she actually didn’t hate heels, but she claimed to be a martial artists (black belt I think) and taught self-defense to women, along with tips on how not to be a victim.  Any-who….

Now, I know this is a fantasy show.  You can claim it all you want—that doesn’t make it any less difficult to shut my eyes off to what I know to be fact and suspend belief.  It really gets me—-these are *fighters*.  They are fighting.  They are not there for a fashion show.  There is no reason to have sky-high heels for fighters when they are fighting.  The only logical explanation I can possibly accept is that it is for animation purposes.  I know that it is much easier to animate a scene when people are roughly the same height.  It simplifies things like perspective and lessens the amount of coding used to movement.  I understand that much, but that is literally the only reason I can accept.  For the most part, I will just have to accept that it will drive me nuts and that my emotions about it will constantly be in conflict.  Why?  Because I love the character designs.  They are wonderful!  But I also know it is not authentic nor realistic in the least bit, given their occupations and daily lives.  But I also know that it makes animation and scene blocking a hell of a lot easier.  I guess the good outweighs the bad.  Realistically, everyone in that school would be under two inches or most likely in flats.  That is just the nature of their job.  This is why you never see police officers, martial arts masters, firefighters, or any other high-movement job in heels more than an inch and a half.  Well, to be honest, you won’t see nurses and doctors in those kinds of heels, either.  That should tell you something.

I long for the day when shows take these things into account.  Most games are guilty of this as well.  Actually, looking over some Final Fantasy Characters—I see that they were mostly careful about that kind of thing.  Most of the girls are under two inches, usually thick-heeled (thought a couple of thin heels).  I know Monty likes Final Fantasy—-so why didn’t he just take a page from there?  Oh yeah…animation thing….  For the most part, it seems half-and half from Monty.  The picture above shows all the girls’ shoes so far.  The top row are the worst offenders.  Blissfully, they are mostly bad guys XD  (except Glynda).  Ruby’s and onward are probably the most reasonable shoes to wear for fighting.  The last pair is actually the girls’ shoes for school.  Since they are generally not fighting in school (and apparently change into battle gear for fighting) I don’t worry so much about that.

Well, anyway, you can checked out these links to confirm that I am not blowing stuff out of proportion.  I tend to do a little research before I shoot my mouth off.

As is oft to happen when I go on a trip, I get struck by ideas.  In this case, I got struck by an artistic idea of the RWBY girls. ^_^  I am trying to get this out on all my channels to get as much input as possible.  I want you, my watchers and followers, to decide on what order I will be drawing the girls from RWBY in.  I am not going to say anything about *what* I am planning, but in my head it is beyond awesome—-and it will push the envelope on all my skills and abilities as I know them.  I am excited by the challenge as much as the idea itself.

I have two polls open because I am not sure who has access to what.  One is on my roosterteeth profile here:

And the other is on FB.

I don’t know the rules—-if you need to be members/friends or whatever, but please vote!  I am leaving these polls up for a month.  This gives me time to research what I need to know, and also allows me to finish up some other projects I am working on right now.

Pass it along, ask everyone.  I want as many votes as possible because it would be fun. :)

Well, I was listening to “Red Like Roses” (part 2) and I got to thinking…for all of us people who are going about saying that the death that traumatized Ruby has already happened, we really need to kind of back it up a bit.  And I think the best place to start is in how Monty himself describes her-as I pointed out in the previous post, he said “she has the widest, most honest eyes.” 

I think that there is key.  She has *honest* eyes.  A lot of people, I think, may be associating *honest* with innocence, but that is not necessarily true.  Really, we can not give Ruby any level of innocence.  In the very first episode, she has no problem killing grown men.  Granted, Yang also didn’t have much trouble shooting them in the face—-but that part of her fighting is to give oomph to her punch.  They *could* be merely hospitalized.  Well, it is at least feasible.  Ruby literally impales one or two guys, cuts another in half…and is smirking.  Yeah, no innocence.  However, there is a level of honesty—-they *did* start it (kind of).  And as childish as that sounds, it makes perfect sense.  She merely responded to a threat and took it out.  She had a realistic assessment of the situation, and really, her weapon isn’t one that she can use merely stun them :P You can actually see in the first episode where Ruby slices a guy in half—-complete with the dying sounds you hear in most video games. 

Now, you can argue that they did start it (which they did) but…actually, she did throw the first punch.  If she had just cooperated with them, there would have been none harmed and they would have just taken the dust and left—-but she decided to fight back and kill them.  Since she threw the first punch, they responded and attacked more forcefully.  Remember, the guy who first approached her merely grabbed her shoulder when she wasn’t responding and then pointed to tell her to take off her headphones.  After that, he said “put your hands in the air” and all that typical stuff.  He didn’t even brandish his weapon at her in a threatening manner.  She sends him flying (yes, that was awesome).  So the second guy, knowing that now they have an uncooperative “victim” brandishes his weapon (a gun) at her—-and yet he never fires!  She sends him flying, but we don’t hear any kind of gun shot.  Okay, so now they know that they have an all-out problem and go full on because she has *demonstrated* that she is trouble.  From there she kicks, slices and dices, halves one, impales another and kicks some more.  Freakin’ awesome, I agree—-but the whole situation was completely avoidable.

I think this is a great point that illustrates not only her lack of “Innocence” but also her attitude of feeling invincible.  But, I also see this as illustrating her honesty.  She wasn’t going to play victim for them because that is not who she is.  She is a fighter, she has trained hard, and she’ll be damned if some hoodlum is going to rob *her* or a dust store while she is in the vicinity.  ^_^  

I want to make one small little insert that is a bit off-topic.  Did anyone else notice how the hoodlums were all wearing red and black—-Just like Ruby?  It stuck with me since the first time I saw it and it has been bothering me ever since.  This whole world is about color and themes likes that, so….I don’t think it is a coincidence….or is it?  Oh, and I LOVE how she was listening to the opening song on her headphones! :D  I know, I am late…There was just never an opportunity to really mention it after forgetting to in my earlier posts. XD

So, according to Monty, Ruby is honest and straightforward—-we see this several times.  She is honest about herself, from the point where she admits to doing something wrong and owns up to it.  She is honest with others, yet respectful of their feelings on some levels (or tries to be).  We see this with her and Jaune when they are showing weapons.  And we all know that his weapon is more than meets the eye ;)  She had no problem calling Weiss out on her bitchiness, either, and is willing to put herself in the middle of a fight to try and maintain some level of peace.  So, she is really really honest.  But this is not necessarily the innocent kind of honesty.  This feels more like…experience honesty.  I don’t think that Ruby’s sight is completely rose-colored.  The only time she lacks confidence is when she feels people don’t have faith in her—-as was shown in Badge and the Burden.  Weiss said she shouldn’t be leader, and that is when Ruby started doubting herself.  

Now, someone with this kind of honesty rarely comes by it through lack of experience.  It is actually a common theme in most Animes.  The one who is so honest and kind and straightforward (almost always the protagonist) had some kind of tragedy in their life.  In Fruit Baskets, the heroine’s parents were dead and she was living in a tent.  Actually…a lot of them usually lose a parent or two.  Cardcaptor Sakura—-mother dead by a young age, and you see hints of the effect on her older brother but she was too young.  Rurouni Kenshin—killed his beloved and was an assassin before doing a complete 180.  You get the idea ;)  

Ruby is 15 years old currently.  She obviously had a lot of support and people who cared for her—Yang, Qrow, and her “father”.  Also, back at Signal she obviously “knew” some people, though it isn’t clear on what level.  She just referred to them as the gang or the guys.  Obviously, they were on a friendly enough level with her that she wrote to them about her experiences thus far at Beacon.  Carrying the scars of losing someone who means the world to you does not mean you have to break out in all emo-angst-goth whatever (and no stabs…I was the goth XD).  People handle trauma in many different ways.  Ruby is extremely clingy to Yang.  She is uncomfortable with meeting new people, thus uncomfortable with forming new bonds that could be severed suddenly.  She finds security in weapons—maybe too much.  To her, they are people.  They are also her protection and support.  Monty did mention that she was too reliant on her

weapon, and this may be why—she actually does have a fear of dying or at least being unable to do the things she does without.  She is a girl with a mission, and the mission to help people by becoming a Huntress (because it is just soo cool and romantic and stuff!)  However, she was trash…she sucked as a fighter until Qrow stepped in.  He taught her, gave her focus, and removed whatever barrier was keeping her back…perhaps the barrier of feeling she wouldn’t be good enough.

You see, I think that Summer Rose’s death is the perfect push that made Ruby decide to become a Huntress.  Ruby was probably young—-maybe around 11 or a little bit younger—when she died.  There would be plenty of time for Ruby to feel angry, angsty, and eventually be caught by the people who love her and saved from her own insanity.  We see hints of this in “Red like Roses Part 2” as well as “Gold”.  I think gold is the big thing—-it is a lullaby hinting at how Yang would protect Ruby during the night.  I imagine that this is the time Ruby was having nightmares about her mother’s (Summer Rose’s) death.  In “Red Like Roses II” she sings about how “red like roses” fills her dreams and later points out that the red is actually blood.  So Ruby probably has been a victim before—-a victim of her own mind.  Have you ever wanted to be able to protect yourself and the people you love?  To never be a victim again?  That is Ruby.  Again, we see honesty creep up here.  She really does want to protect others—-particularly Yang and probably her new friends now.  She probably even wants to protect Qrow, who she obviously knows is a Hunter.  She doesn’t want to lose anyone ever again.  

I have a feeling that we are going to learn more about Ruby in July, when they start up Volume 2.   I am feeling very confident that this may be round about the right track.  I mean, we already are learning that none of the characters are two dimensional.  The stuck up girl isn’t always stuck up—she has a protective and motherly streak as well and gets obsessed with something easily.  The brash girl is also nurturing and has wise advice to give.  The quiet book worm is sarcastic and sassy.  The crazy non-stop talking girl is a genius (Every time I watch her, I become more and more certain of this!)  So why not the “honest”  girl have a dark shadow inside her that she is still fighting—-that will rear its head soon. :D

I am so happy.  Today, I finally got to sit down and re-watch Volume 1! :)  Ever since the holidays, I have been trying to rev back up but with no new episodes, it has been kind of hard.  Then I saw the announcement—-more RWBY!!

In July :(  Such a long ways away, but ah well.  Re-watching the series, so many things started to jump out at me.  For example, during the opening credits—-what is that big black ball thing above the girls when they are standing in a circle and starting to fight (see image above)?  And during “The Badge and the Burn” was that guy in the green shirt possibly a member of Velvet’s team?  What about the girl we saw in the streets of “The Stray” at the beginning—-she was just walking by, but she wasn’t black.  They did point out during the panel that they are not going to spend time building characters that won’t be used again…

So many questions!

I also got to catch up on the RTX 2013 Panel of RWBY and the live stream.  During the panel, Monty mentioned a few things.

For example, how Ruby has the widest, most honest eyes.  That her character is one of those honest and true people that he doesn’t really understand because he is a manipulative SOB ;)…  He also mentioned how, Ruby, being the youngest, has the personality of the invincible teenager, someone who isn’t really aware that she is mortal—in that teenage type way.  He points out how Ruby is her weapon, how she might not be very good without it.  That she has a dependency on it and part of her development will revolve around that.  Maybe.  ^_^  All of this I found interesting.  Yang dives head first into anything without thinking, but not because she thinks she is invincible.  Those kinds of things :)  

Then he also mentions how eye color is a very important thing.  He tries to avoid giving too much…so to parents each give different eye colors.  I am sitting through the video again to find exactly what he said (should have marked it)
Found it!  Mark 35:15—(he says we will forget it because it won’t come up for a few years)

"Came up with a character who is a certain character’s mother and came up with a character who’s a certain character’s father.  Via design, it determined their eye color.  I have 15-17 year history on a character that may or may not still exist that we will discover much further down the line."

His words exactly.  It just reminds me how Ozpin was all “You have…silver eyes…” This is something I am going to keep my eyes out for. :D

Man…also watching the series, I just realized that Penny fights like Kairi from Dead Fantasy.  Between the keys, blades, and the movement they are extremely similar.  So everyone wondering about Dead Fantasy—there you go.  Still going on! :D

With so many things, I realized that I want more before I start spouting off more theories.  So much is going to happen in the next volume, obviously.  There are still so many unanswered questions.  Is Summer Rose dead yet or in the future?  I think she is dead now.  Ozpin points out in Badge and Burn how he has made so many mistakes, more so than any other person on the planet.  I think that might have been one of them.  People say that Ruby doesn’t behave like someone who has lost someone close—-but it could have been years ago.  People change, or try to hide things.  It wouldn’t necessarily affect her lack of understanding her own mortality.  Depending on the support and people around you, you can recover quickly or never recover.  Between Qrow, Yang, and “Father”, I think she had good supports…but I think there might still be something more to her.

And I just noticed how she had absolutely no qualms or hesitation in killing grown adult HUMAN men.  First episode.  Those men die.  They aren’t wounded—-she splits them in half, etc. They are dead—-and she doesn’t bat an eyelash.  That sent a bit of a chill down my spine.  Killing soulless monsters that are out to kill you is one thing—-but those guys hadn’t made any direct threat to her life, only her safety.  And they are dead now.

Another thing I noticed was that apparently Torchwick was working with White Fang since the end of Episode 8, or maybe sooner.  That goon who brings in the luggage and takes the cards from Torchwick was wearing the same uniform as the White Fang in Episode 16.

Re-watching also reminded me that there was another little gem on Nora’s genius that I forgot about.  Maybe I missed.  I mean, she knew that Ren and her would need some kind of secret code to find each other.  While everyone else was asking to be on so and so’s team, she seemed pretty sure that they could not pick it, that they would have to find each other.  Did she get a tip off or something?  Or is she just that smart…?

And I so want to draw more art for RWBY.  Trying to decide what to do next.  Maybe Blake?  Or maybe an image for the story I wrote earlier….hmm….but first things first, I have family portraits to finish and then I can play again.  :)  And I also am trying to scrounge up more information like Let’s Plays or RT podcasts that might have Monty and more hints.  XD

haha I thought this was cute.  I do like RvB, too…just not as much as RWBY :D  Original art here

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!  I have been MIA because, well, it is the holidays here in Japan.  One week of literally doing nothing….kay, that is not true.  I have been drawing, listening to RT podcasts, and just generally chilling out and not thinking too much.  Everyone needs a break once in a while, and I only get mine for Golden Week (end of April), Obon (in August), and New Year (that is now).  I get a rare whole week off, so I am enjoying it.  Usually I only get a couple of extra days outside the weekends.  That is my life XD  But I am starting to stretch my mind-muscles and fingers and getting ready to rejoin the real/virtual world soon.  I had a few things going through my head, particularly about  Ruby that I wanted to get out so I could sleep a bit better, but it hasn’t been bugging me that much yet. :)

Anxiously waiting to hear the results of the contest, too.  And doing weapon research.  Any one know where I can get a good lesson on weapons and guns and stuff?  I know nothing of these things…I just know what looks cool….must learn so I can draw up this weapon idea I have.

So everyone take care and enjoy the new year!

"Thus Kindly I Scatter", an inscription on the tombstone of someone held dear.

I was inspired mostly by “Red Like Roses” and “Red Like Roses Part II” for this piece, as well as my own idea of the kind of relationship between the cloaked figure and Ruby.  Given what we have learned about Ruby and the lyrics of those songs, I believe there might be a bit of conflict between Summer Rose and Ruby herself—-longing for and anger toward the former.  As the white and red petals touch each other and the opposite figures, they burst into flames—a sign of both the exchange of power and the struggles between them.  Yet Ruby reluctantly reaches toward the figure.

This piece was done in Corel Painter Essentials 4.  It was my way of introducing myself to the program and figuring out brushes/textures/etc.  I spent a day and a half on it—-god bless weekends! :D

you can see the full size here

Hello to all!  I still live :)  I am still reorganizing my computer as I had to reinstall everything thanks to a lucky trojan :P  See, I should really be more careful when I hunt down references and stuff….

These are my entries for the Velvet Scarlatina contest in the order created and submitted.  I really wanted to focus on the key words: athletic, modest, has modern tastes, and is not a typical mage.  The problem is—-modest and modern are highly subjective.  Just looking up modern fashion styles, you learn that there are so many sub-categories just in that one branch!  So I did several combos—mainly in chic, bohemian, and hip-hop because it seemed to fit her character.

Will I win?  Who knows and who cares!  I just got a ton of experience and have just shifted levels in art.  That is what I am most excited about.  I learned a bit about myself and got to have lots of fun!  Right now I am working on a weapon idea I had—-but it is proving to be very difficult.  I know little of weapons, let alone gun-types.  Lots of research and checking out examples of real-life stuff before I really sit down and design it.  I started out on a drawing, then scrapped it because I realized I didn’t understand how to put it together.  Expect to see that soon.  I hope to get it out before any other weapons are revealed just to have that “Hah!  I can think like Monty!” proof.  Hard to prove such things if I don’t share it first :D 

I also have a kick-arse image idea of Ruby and Summer Rose.  I think I will get that out of the way as it is something I am familiar with.  Also, more crazy theories to come!  Look forward to it! :D

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