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I think I just had a spastic asthma attack when I got the box this evening—-after all classes were done and I was feeling kind of exhausted—-and found the last two characters.  I can not even begin to describe how happy I am right now.  I actually have a whole set of something that I love dearly!  I have never had a collection…they usually peter out because rocks and stuff lol.

Yes, they are still in their boxes—-and that is where they will safely stay until I have a descent display thingy for them.  Keeps them together, keeps them dust free—-and god forbid an earthquakes, at least I won’t loose any pieces.  God I am so happy right now! :D  Now to run off to listen to the soundtrack whilst working on my little project :)
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I think I just had a spastic asthma attack when I got the box this evening—-after all classes were done and I was feeling kind of exhausted—-and found the last two characters.  I can not even begin to describe how happy I am right now.  I actually have a whole set of something that I love dearly!  I have never had a collection…they usually peter out because rocks and stuff lol.

Yes, they are still in their boxes—-and that is where they will safely stay until I have a descent display thingy for them.  Keeps them together, keeps them dust free—-and god forbid an earthquakes, at least I won’t loose any pieces.  God I am so happy right now! :D  Now to run off to listen to the soundtrack whilst working on my little project :)
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I think I just had a spastic asthma attack when I got the box this evening—-after all classes were done and I was feeling kind of exhausted—-and found the last two characters.  I can not even begin to describe how happy I am right now.  I actually have a whole set of something that I love dearly!  I have never had a collection…they usually peter out because rocks and stuff lol.

Yes, they are still in their boxes—-and that is where they will safely stay until I have a descent display thingy for them.  Keeps them together, keeps them dust free—-and god forbid an earthquakes, at least I won’t loose any pieces.  God I am so happy right now! :D  Now to run off to listen to the soundtrack whilst working on my little project :)
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I think I just had a spastic asthma attack when I got the box this evening—-after all classes were done and I was feeling kind of exhausted—-and found the last two characters.  I can not even begin to describe how happy I am right now.  I actually have a whole set of something that I love dearly!  I have never had a collection…they usually peter out because rocks and stuff lol.

Yes, they are still in their boxes—-and that is where they will safely stay until I have a descent display thingy for them.  Keeps them together, keeps them dust free—-and god forbid an earthquakes, at least I won’t loose any pieces.  God I am so happy right now! :D  Now to run off to listen to the soundtrack whilst working on my little project :)

For your viewing pleasure—Blake Belladonna in watercolors! :)  I have just started exploring painting and watercolor and needed a break from studies to play.  Who better to play with than the strong-willed Faunus we all love? :)  It is interesting that Monty pointed out how Blake was one of the hardest to make a name for on his twitter today.  Personality, naming, and watercolor—-all of them show how stubborn she can be :D

Enjoy!  Counting down the days till Friday (well, most people’s Thursday).
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For your viewing pleasure—Blake Belladonna in watercolors! :)  I have just started exploring painting and watercolor and needed a break from studies to play.  Who better to play with than the strong-willed Faunus we all love? :)  It is interesting that Monty pointed out how Blake was one of the hardest to make a name for on his twitter today.  Personality, naming, and watercolor—-all of them show how stubborn she can be :D

Enjoy!  Counting down the days till Friday (well, most people’s Thursday).

Animals and Dust

I went to sleep last night with dreams of RWBY in my head—and, much like with the Aura Rage story, I got an awesome idea.  I must totally draw this and I will—-after I finish the other major RWBY project.  So yeah,  I will have my own concept of these things up there  eventually:)  but I will share the idea with you guys now.

So on Thursday (my Friday) we learned all about Dust—how Aura triggers a reaction that allows Dust to produce the powers and energy.  Dust is used for just about everything—-it is a major fuel source for Remnant.  That being said, Monty confirmed that animals also have Aura.  Which means that animals can also potentially trigger Aura.

Now, Remnant has not always been the steam-punk-esque marvel we see. They were once more medieval.  All cultures go through a growth in technology, and Jaune’s heirloom Sword and Shield gives us a bit of a hint as to how much the technology has advanced over time.  That means that there was, of course, a time where Remnant citizens relied on beasts of burden for their daily transportation and maybe even fighting.  IE, horses, donkeys, oxen, etc.

I imagine that in the history of Remnant, prior to airships, tanks, or cars, they had Dust Steeds.  Specially  bred warhorses that utilize Dust-infused armor and tack that is strategically developed to enhance strength, speed and stamina.  Within the breed of Dust Steeds are the elite horses that have just enough intelligence to utilize Dust on command.  The increase in intelligence is due to generations of exposure to Dust.  Back in the day, the steeds would be paired off young with knights so that they could form a trusting bond, allowing better control and direction of the horses.  The Elite were held among the nobility and top brass.

With the advance of technology, Dust Steeds became less necessary and now are mostly extinct, being held as signs of wealth.  I have more ideas about how excessive dust might have made it more difficult to breed the animals, and that “unacceptables” were disposed of to keep the breed pure.  Anyway, that is my idea.  I think, given Remnant’s history (what little we know of it) this is completely possible.

I spent a long time doing research and got the ideas all figured out and fine-tuned.  Last chance to help decide the order that they will be presented in.  You can vote on FB or on RT :)

So far, the totals for both poles:
Ruby has 5 votes

Weiss has 1 vote

Blake has 4

Yang has 1

We need a tie-breaker for Weiss and Yang :).

Hello my lovelies!  No, I have not abandoned you ^_^  After watching the live stream, I had to work—-then sleep—then work.  I know, some of that is overrated.  But now I am ready because yesterday had so many hints and lots of information.  I had my notepad handy and was taking notes like any diligent student.

So first up:

In the video, it was confirmed that Dust is a very important part of Remnant.  It comes in several forms, and those can be combined to create new types of Dust.  When the picture flashed by, it looked a lot like the four elements.  You have red, blue, yellow, and green.  If you are familiar with pagan studies, yellow is often a color used for air.  You can’t really associate the primary crystals with the girls because…Blake is not Green and they are not in order.  It is possible that dust follows the Chinese elemental system, but that is five elements not four.  Those would be metal, wood, fire, water, and earth.  It is easy to get carried away because there are many elemental systems.  I am betting that Monty is going with the simplest that most are familiar with: earth, air, fire and water.

It is unknown how or why, but aura acts as a catalyst for Dust, triggering its powers and making it useable.  There are several ways that people have used Dust.  It was primarily used in its raw form.  As technology advanced, it was used in everything from weapons to daily items, powering most of Remnant.  It was also said to be fused into clothing, and (probably the most dangerous) into the body itself.

During the live stream, it was strongly hinted at (practically confirmed) that Dust is a finite source, and that it is mined from the planet—NOT the moon.  The moon will play a part later in the story, but Dust does not seem to be the main thing.  Before arguing that maybe the Dust came from the moon, it was clearly stated that the material was mined from the planet—mined means taken out of.  It is possible, however, that the moon has more dust…or something else….

Dust being a finite resource doesn’t come as a surprise, given Torchwick’s speech about how well he was doing his job by driving up Dust prices and clearing the market of all product.

So given all that, we can be reasonably sure that Ruby and Cinder have Dust in their clothing (cloak and dress respectively).  It is possible, given how Cinder’s eyes glow and behave, that Cinder has also taken Dust into her own body.  The history lesson did not make clear on how taking it into your body worked—-if you could put it into a specific place or if it just kind of filled your whole blood stream.  So does this mean it is possible that Yang infused Dust into her hair?  That would seem like something she would do…who knows?  But the more they describe dust, especially with it being fusible into the body, makes me more certain that it might have drug-like qualities.  Imagine people getting addicted to the power rush of the fusing.  It did look kind of painful in the video, and pain often fires off endorphins that create a high.  Oh, and that leaves it open as to how Glynda might have Dust—-either in her clothing or self.

With Dust being so important to the world of Remnant, and being a finite source, it leaves the story open to all sorts of explosions.  Ironwood could well be aware of the shortage of Dust and is preparing for the war of the Kingdoms that would result from such a catastrophe.  Or…well, lots of possibilities there.

And there is one more thing they threw into the mix—-animals have Aura (because Monty likes dogs).  So this puts animals on a different level from Grimm, and also leaves open the very cool possibility of Dust-infused animals.  Can you imagine a souped-up war horse on Dust?  That would be so awesome!  Basically, every living thing that has a soul has Aura, and thus has the potential to use Dust because Aura triggers Dust.  I think what separates Human/Faunus from Animals is the ability to consciously use Dust.  Now is he going to go all Pocahontas and have plants/rocks/etc use Dust, or just keep it to animals and people?  Can you imagine a crazed man-eating plant on Dust?  Scary!

They briefly talk about the board game and the kingdoms, though they didn’t clarify completely continent names.  We know Vale is where Beacon is.  Vacuo is also a kingdom, not a continent, and is where Sun was from—-they give lots of hints about strong sunlight, so I guess I was wrong about Vacuo being in the North.  Thinking about it, if Vacuo and Vale are on the same continent it does make more sense to put Weiss and Blake on opposite sides—-and blocking wise, it makes the interaction between Yang and Ruby easier.  So poo.  I was wrong on the map.  Gonna have to rethink it.  The mention Atlas/Mantel, but don’t really confirm that it was a kingdom or Continent.  Haven has Mistral, which is where a lot of people are from or claim to have come from.  So I guess that does put Mistral up North?  They said that they really need to get a map up—I agree!

Other places they mention, but don’t confirm exactly what kind of place— Patch, Signal (we know this is an academy) and Menagerie (we know this was the reservation for Faunus in the far south)

As for the dragons on the map—Monty says they are coincidence.  I think it is fate :)  

As for the board game—-they said there were a lot of clues about Remnant through that board game if you take the time to listen to the banter that is slightly covered by the music.  So I was right in taking that stuff down and taking it seriously.  It still leaves lots of questions, but we can see that there is a certain relationship between different kingdoms.  My big question is what is the Mistral Trade Route—-or more specifically *how*.  You think of airships based on transportation, but if the MTR is a part of the longer history of Remnant, then it originally either had to be completely on foot, or over sea.  Looking at the map, both options seem very dangerous…but that is the case with trade.  I still think it is very similar to the Silk Road, thus mostly foot/burdened animals and connects Vale to whatever kingdom is on the same continent (Vacuo, right?)  But then, why would she have the MTR if Weiss was Vacuo?  So then from the north across the sea?  Ugh…I dunno.

SUN and his TEAM

Confirmation now that Sun’s team name is…well, Sun.  (sssn).  Really, that is all there is to say.  They won’t say anything else.  Well, there was some interesting trivia.  Neptune was originally part of a different team and was moved onto Sun’s.  Now it leaves the question of *how* they became a team, because Sun is from Vacuo and Neptune is from Haven.  I have a feeling that Sun and his team are going to be very VERY interesting.  His team is one of the first teams, prior to JNPR, so that is cool ^_^

Okay, I thought this was cool and it makes perfect sense.  Semblances are, well, not exactly inherited from parents, but kind of passed down through the family.  This makes perfect sense, as parents often teach their kids skills that match up with theirs.  Monty and them even said that they were thinking of the parents when they were thinking of semblances.  This makes me a bit excited, because it really opens the possibility that Ruby really did inherit her cloak from her Mother.  That would be so cool, and I would be ecstatic to find that I was right about something so major. ^_^

So not only are these hunters/huntresses learning from their parents, but they go to additional schools to learn more about fighting.  This actually helps explain why Ruby and her team are already so strong at what they do.  They have literally been preparing for these kinds of things all their lives.  Given the world that they live in, that makes sense.  It was also kind of confirmed that the academies like Beacon *are* like colleges and that there are other types of these schools for other occupations.  Beacon is for the cream of the crop, indicating that it is the top “college” on Remnant.  I love being right, or seem to be right.

We get a little more about the various characters.  For example, Arryn talks about how Blake becomes very obsessed with getting certain things done and that she is very strong willed (didn’t I already say she was strong willed?  Sure I did, way back during the Emerald Forest when I talked about how she wouldn’t let fate determine her life and how she *chose* her partner).  It was again confirmed that Cinder could pass for a Senior student—-so I was right about her story!  Love that :)  And they talked a bit about the thing under Jaune’s breast plate.  Yes, it is his symbol.  They said they hinted at it in volume 1—and I remember that scene.  It was with Cardin, when he was getting beat up and his Aura kicked in to protect him.  It was flashed on the screen—-looked pretty cool. :)

One of the last world-things they mentioned is that yes, there is religion, but it will probably be a while to get into it.


Okay.  This is the one everyone probably got all excited about.  Monty and team did confirm that there are many *many* kinds of Faunus, and not just mammals.  Some are rarer than others, and they don’t always have a visible connection to their animal counter parts.  Oh, and yes, Faunus and Humans can interbreed.  They even hinted that there was already some…oh wait, that is a secret.  :P  Makes me more suspicious of Cinder.  Torchwick and Ozpin, not so much.  But Cinder…I just have this feeling.  Mainly because of her eyes.

That also means that everyone out there, whatever OC you made as a Faunus, you are probably safe.  Including half-human half-Faunus.  And saying that drives me nuts.  If Faunus can breed with Human, that means they are Human.  Inter-species breeding does not produce viable offspring—usually it doesn’t produce offspring at all, and even if it did, the offspring would be infertile.  So This basically makes the Faunus much like the Africans when they were subjugated and oppressed.  Back in those times, Africans were considered a different species because—stupidity.  It drove me nuts when Blake told Ozpin that his “species” was not ready to accept her own, but that isn’t right.  If they can breed, they are of the same species.  Then again, that could just illustrate the ignorance that is inflaming the hatred between the two Ethnicity.

It is this interaction between “Human” and “Faunus” that I find most intriguing and very well done.  In a lot of ways, it is mirroring our own history and how oppression worked.  There was even a time, long ago, that women were seen as a different “species”.  This specific dialogue from the stream has me so excited for the continuation of the story because know I know for certain that it is going to get super deep.  And I love that whole psychology/sociology stuff.

So we got lots of good stuff.  We will have a few more history lessons—-after episode 7, 10.  Looking forward to it :D

I like Monty’s goal to synchronize the teams, because the more you do things together, the more in sync you get.  That was his initial goal, and I think he did really well in that.

I was listening to the stream again…and then I think “Did Miles just make a Cake reference?  “Goats go to hell…”

Who is Weiss Schnee?  I suddenly feel like she is one of the most tragic characters because I don’t even think *she* knows who she is.

I was thinking about everything we have seen about Weiss—from her snooty beat-down of a hapless Ruby to the sudden “we are a team!” best team-mate, all the way to trying to crack puns like Yang.  And I came to realize something.

Weiss has spent her whole life being what everyone wants her to be—or at least, what she thinks everyone wants her to be.  Yes, she may have always gotten what she wanted in a material sense—-but she never really got the things she needed.  Most likely, from the time of her birth, she was raised to be an Heiress.  The Heiress of the Schnee company is not allowed to be who she is, only what her father deems is correct.  She must be befitting her position.  Did she ever even have fun as a child?

We know now that Weiss has a sister named Winter.  There is a very strong chance that Winter is the younger sister as inheritance generally goes from oldest to youngest.  Now we understand why she always wanted bunk-beds.  That line back in Volume 1 never made sense to me because you needed a sibling whom you shared a room with to have bunk beds.  But having a younger sibling puts added pressure because now, not only do you have to be everything your parents want—but you have to be a role model for the younger sibling. 

Weiss has no problem changing herself to fit the role that she is told she must play.  The teacher told her that she is a teammate and must be that—-so she decides to be the best teammate she can be.  She doesn’t realize that being herself is the best team-mate she can be.  She hides behind the phrase “the team” because she is not in danger of showing herself.

As we watch her, it seems that she is copying the other’s traits in some ways.  Ruby’s over-the-top straightforwardness as in when she confronts Blake, and Yang’s puns as in the most recent episode.

Weiss seems to be trying so hard to live up to everyone’s expectations, to the point where she doesn’t realize that she is deciding what those expectations are.  Put all this in context with the song, “Mirror, Mirror” and it makes even more chilling sense.  Remember when she was practicing all those happy faces in the elevator and again just before the communicator came on?  How much you want to bet that she has a mirror in her room that she used specifically for practicing how to behave and how to look for her father?

With all the faces we have seen of Weiss, I don’t think we have seen the true Weiss yet.  We have seen her snooty, have seen her “mature”, seen her as a take-charge type of person—-but I think the most accurate glimpse of the real Weiss was the uncertain, nervous girl in the elevator who is trying so hard to please everyone—-to be what everyone wants her to be.

It may be that we will find out that she doesn’t *want* to be the heiress.  She never wanted to.  And it will come out in one of those big emotional climaxes that bring tears to our eyes as she tells Daddy what she truly wants and who she truly is.  There are reasons why Weiss is the main focus thus far in the series (well, bigger than Yang and Ruby)—and it isn’t just because of the Dust or her family’s connections. 

Winter is going to also play a bigger role soon.  As I said before, Winter is probably going to be very different from Weiss—-the true stuck-up evil bitch.  Most likely she *wants* the inheritance that Weiss probably does not want.  I think that in some ways she looked up to Weiss, but I just have this feeling that there is a deeper animosity that we will see come to fruition in the near future.  I don’t know why I feel this way as we have zero information about Winter, or the rest of the family—but there is a reason why Weiss put on the persona she did.  It was to survive.  It really gives you an idea of what the family might be like.  In the Afterbuzz, Kara pointed out that Weiss really comes from a broken family, and that we get to see more of the effects of this in Chapter 3.

There was another point where we saw a glimpse of the real Weiss—when she was telling Blake about the promise she made.  Here we see the truly caring and kind heart that she has—the heart that she was afraid would turn to Stone because of her family and what they wanted her to be.  Thinking back on my post last year about my speculations of Weiss, I think they are turning out to be very close to true.  I am anxious to see how Weiss’s story goes.  Sure, I am anxious for the stories of the others—-but Weiss’ story really has my attention right now.

Mirror, tell me something,
Tell me who’s the loneliest of all?

Mirror, tell me something,
Tell me who’s the loneliest of all?
Fear of what’s inside of me,
Tell me can a heart be turned to stone?

Mirror, mirror, what’s behind you?
Save me from the things I see!
I can keep it from the world,
Why won’t you let me hide from me?

Mirror, mirror, tell me something,
Who’s the loneliest of all?

I’m the loneliest of all.

RWBY S:2| A Minor Hiccup E:3 & E:4 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Well, I am not really a fan of Afterbuzz…but it is nice to get some extra info from cast and crew.  I just feel like the interviewers don’t have much of a clue…the questions they ask usually make me cringe, along with their comments sometimes.  Like…don’t they get this?  Well, maybe I am just a bit biased because I never care for these kinds of shows.  But like or not, it is an important part of RWBY so enjoy the episode.

What I like is the hint of good intentions but different roads.  I mentioned it earlier after the first episode, how Ironwood and Ozpin were much like Magento and Xavier.  Recently, I had also been thinking about “What if Cinder isn’t really evil evil.”  What if she is trying to save the world in her own way?  Things are rarely what they seem, especially after only one volume and a few episodes.  We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Kind of disappointed in the shipping name “Nuts and Dolts”.  All the other names are really cool and stuff, but that one is just kind of insulting to Ruby.  Sure, she is goofy but she is not a Dolt (despite what Weiss would say).  Steel Magnolia is cool, but Ruby is not a Magnolia—-she is a rose :P  What about Cyber Rose or Red Wires?  haha.  I have no clue.   I actually don’t care for shipping, but it does give ideas for beautiful visuals.  I may do art for it some day just for doing the art.

I was right about a lot of things—-love that!  I actually think this is one of my favorite episodes!! :D

Ruby was as understanding as I knew she would be.  ^_^  And I love her reasoning—-she is right.  Nuts and bolts are as real as squishy guts.  It seems like Penny was taught that people would fear her and not accept her, hence keeping the secret and her comment about Ruby taking it all pretty well.  

I think Penny has just become way more interesting.  It isn’t that she is a robot.  It is that she can generate and use Aura.  An Aura needs soul and heart to exist.  Pyrrha explained how the Aura was connected to the soul waaaaay back in the first Volume.  Ruby pointed out that Penny has a heart and soul—-but more importantly, she can *feel* it.  I don’t think it was just a throw-away line for comfort.  Maybe it is an indication of ability within Ruby.

So we learn that James Ironwood is NOT Penny’s father, but he helped make her.  So who, exactly, is her father?  And Penny has knowledge about what is going on—-she is supposed to be a counter to it, as are all those other robots—-but her specifically.  Mr. Ironwood said so.  Penny is insistent that they are not bad people and are just very protective of her.  Her interactions with the guards kind of confirms that they treat her pretty well, very concerned about her and maybe even speak to her like she was a daughter of a rich man.  Honestly, I think it is all a ploy.  Penny is very sheltered and she didn’t even recognize Torchwick as a bad guy until he hurt Ruby.  She is the epitome of innocence and I think her father wants to keep her that way.

Now, some very random speculation.  But what if Mr. Schnee is Penny’s maker?  We already know that Ironwood and the Schnee company are working with each other.  What if Penny was another one of those projects?  Also, the guards do not seem to notice Penny’s hiccup when she lies so it may be a trait they are not aware of.  I am sure her father knows all about it, though.  Whether it was an intentional trait or accidental remains to be seen.  I love how Penny just picked Ruby up to hide her in the trashcan, too.  It reminds me of a scene from an old TV show called “Small Wonder.” :D

Okay, so now we move on to Yang.  Everyone was right—-she was going to visit Junior again :D  It was a great entrance—-what with the guys remembering her and trying to bar her way, totally freaking out.  The fact that she entered in on the same song on the trailer was gold!  And Junior learned his lesson very well, telling them not to shoot at her and to put their weapons away.  So Neptune likes strong women XD  But he is also willing to flirt with anything in a skirt—shown by his sudden attention to the Twins.  Still, Neptune’s question is valid—-we need a clarification on what Yang defines as “friend” :P But god, I love Yang, too :D

Now we get to the nitty gritty—-the White Fang meeting.  I love how Sun just gets under Blake’s skin—he doesn’t mean anything by it, but I don’t think he thinks much before he speaks….  Anyway, we learn about why the White Fang wear the masks like that, which makes sense.  I am wondering if there actually *is* a connection between the Grim and Faunus on some level, but that we haven’t gotten any hint yet on that.

The guy on stage did catch my attention.  First of all, his mask is different from everyone else.  Obviously he is a top level officer.  He is not wearing a hood, but we see no obvious indication of his Faunus heritage—-no horns, ears or tail.  In the crowd, we see an assortment of Faunus with various extensions.  Some goat and deer horns, some ears, etc.  There is obviously a wide variety of Faunus so OC makers, I think you are safe with whatever creature you chose :)  His tattoos are very interesting as well. He really stands out and I think we are going to see more of him in the future.  No, I don’t think he is Adam.  His voice is completely different.  But he might lead us to Adam….

The first thing I notice when Torchwick steps out is the interesting girl in the background.  She kept my attention through this entire scene.  Very interesting young lady.

These little monologue by Torchwick was just fantastic!  Intonation, pacing—just everything was amazing :)  It is interesting how he uses himself as an example for how despicable humans are, and he is quite a salesman.

Now, Torchwick mentions that his employer (IE Cinder) helped him manage to snag a few before they were officially unveiled.  These are top military devices and robots, probably highest security.  Snag a few?  Yeah right.  More like got a few as presents or as part of a deal.  This definitely confirms that Ironwood, or someone in his division, is working for the baddies.  Oh yeah, and as someone pointed out in their own analysis of the previous episode—Hello Freckles! :D

We come back to the nightclub scene with Yang drilling Junior.  And his answer confirms that Ruby DID KILL THOSE GUYS!  Emerald and Mercury were not the first killers in this show, Ruby was!  Just because they are bad guys doesn’t change the fact that a fifteen year old killed grown men!  Junior flat out says that Torchwick paid up front, took some men—-and none of them ever came back.  NONE of them EVER came back.  They didn’t go on vacation or run off.  We saw them get impaled by the cute little huntress-to-be.  Those were the first official human deaths in RWBY.

Sorry, I digress.  So Junior is very cooperative with Yang, and she accepts his answer and leaves.  So they are on cooperative terms at least, but how long that will last remains to be seen.  After all, Junior and the Twins are in the opening credits on the bad-guy side.  And I just realized how incredibly tall Neptune is compared to Yang…hm…

AND—-cue the fight scene!  Now, I noticed this in the previous Episode with Penny, but notice how in the trailer, everyone is in their original outfits but in the show they are in their new ones.  Nice way to cover the reveal of the new outfits.  And now Freckles is on a rampage with Torchwick inside—-Sun was actually right, Torchwick was in the machine and controlling it.  Don’t know why he backtracked.  Some people complained that Neptune’s weapon wasn’t a trident, but it actually split as he jumped into something trident-like, so their you go.  If you freeze it just right, you can see it easily enough.  He does have a trident :)

Man, Sun’s semblance is awesome!  Shadow Clones!!  They are like the projection of sun rays and capable of doing their own fighting, unlike Blake’s clones.  Sun is freaking awesome!!!!!  Now just as Sun and Neptune are flying through the air ,we hear a high-pitched voice say “Blake, I meant to miss it!”  I think that was Weiss because the scene shifts over to her as she flies past.  Hard to say because the voice is so distorted.  Apparently it is coming from the speaker phone they are carrying.

The following scene of fighting is just genius. Ruby uses various terms to indicate who is fighting and what move/strategy they are using.  Freezer burn was Weiss and Yang creating a mist for cover.  Checkmate was a Weiss and Blake move (like chess with black and white pieces)

We get an interesting brief show of someone’s semblance….or maybe it was the robot’s locking system.  Or Freckles here might also be infused with Aura/dust, much like Penny.  Considering Torchwick’s Clock-work Orange reference,  I think it was part of his semblance but it is really hard to tell because of everything going on.  The one thing that is obvious is that it sets a homing device and maybe attempts to freeze or hold the target for a brief moment of time.  But damn, Blake just kicked so much ass taking out those missiles.  Beautiful!

And now that we have the strategies set, cue the shipping strategies!  That was an ingenious way to give a nudge-wink to the fandom.  Ladybug puts Blake and Ruby together in a cool move to try to disable the machine.

Yang is THE icon of DBZ reference.  I mean, seriously…she is everything from Dragon Ball.  Ruby explains her semblance succinctly—-each time Yang gets hit, she gets stronger and uses the energy to fight back.  I am pretty sure this is a successive thing within fights.  At the beginning of each fight, she starts back at zero.  So ya, Yang is a Saiyan.  Go on to Bumblebee strategy :)  Yang and Blake, and then Ice Flower—-which I think Ice Rose would have been better ,but both are better than White Rose.  Did you know that White Rose was a group in Germany that was non-violent and opposing the Nazi regime with intellectual resistance?  Google it some time :)  Anyway, they make actual ice flowers that look enough like Roses to be Ice Rose, and effectively slow Freckles down and also creating a Dry Ice effect, making it possible to shatter the machine.

Cue new character!  Interesting line from Torchwick—“Ladies.  Ice cream.  Always a pleasure.”  As some pointed out in the comments below the video, Neo is in reference to Neapolitan Ice Cream and her coloring and design confirm this. But her abilities are a bit of a mystery.  She creates some kind of illusion or clone that Yang shatters, giving them time to escape.  She seems really young, too, or at least very small.

Weiss trying so hard to make a pun and Yang just telling her it wasn’t good—that was cute.  :)

Honestly I think this fight scene and the little banter afterwards shows a lot of the growth that the team has gone through.  This is what their first semester of Beacon has brought them to.  They are almost a cohesive unit, and they are learning and growing from each other.  Weiss is learning to be more open socially.  Blake is opening up emotionally.  Yang is more playful.  Ruby is becoming more of a leader.

Sun now has some reference to Naruto, so it is not surprising to find them at a Ramen shop (well, that and Monty LOVES Ramen) that also commemorates Kerry’s “A Simple Walk” series.  Oh, and there is that Dust from Dawn guy.  He is literally everywhere!  I wonder if he is Qrow….or if he is actually going to be some kind of big deal later on.  Or maybe he is just there to fill in all the little roles around town.  And there, you can see Neptune’s trident clearly.

Neo still tickles my mind.  She strikes me as a character who is going to be crazy.  Maybe with multiple personalities, or may just Harlequin crazy—-but she is going to be crazy.  I can see an almost Joker/Harley pairing going on here.  But she is so tiny, like a little doll.  Is she just small or is she going to be younger than the other girls?  

And why are people so concerned about the deer Faunus who threw out the question?  There are a crowd of new recruits and a human is up on stage—-someone had to ask the question.  She is very generic in design, too, so she is probably just a throw-away character.  But if the fandom gets all carried away, she could grow.  Who knows ::shrugs::

To close up, we know something big is coming—-some kind of big war.  The Faunus are on one side, tied in to Cinder through Torchwick and there is a strong hint that Ironwood or even the military are in on it, too, and I would suspect that the Schnee Company also has dirty hands here.  Then Beacon and the hunters/huntresses are on the other side of the battle.  Most likely, Ozpin knows what is going on but is trying to keep it under wraps, or he is not getting enough information.  Qrow, Ruby’s uncle, is on the inside of Cinder’s side as an informant, but he is passing information on to Ozpin and Ironwood.  So is he a double agent or does he not know about Ironwood or what?  I have pretty much thrown my hat into theory that Ironwood is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  There is just no way anyone could “snag” a few of those high class robots.    Penny is pretty ignorant of what is really going on around her, and that was what her father intended.  Whoever he is.

One thing that bugs me…Torchwick and Ozpin’s weapons.  They are so similar.  I mean really similar.  Of course both are canes.  Ozpin has the knob-topped cane with a trigger on the side.  Torchwick has the candy-cane style.  I don’t know why that stands out to me.  Maybe because everyone else has such specifically unique weapons, so seeing such similar weapons catches my attention.  Even Emerald and Ren’s weapons are very different, despite the double-gun thing going.  Meh.  Maybe it is nothing.

Man, I can not wait for the second soundtrack to come out.  I may break down and buy the actual CDs some day just to have them….such beautiful music.

Okay, how many of us saw that coming?  hehe^_^  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right?

First of all, I love their new outfits.  It is nice to see characters in something else once in a while.

This episode, while with some action, had lots of subtle clues and information.  Especially about Weiss and Penny! :D  It is nice to see that I am right about some things ;)

I feel soooo sorry for Jaune.  I mean, he was being really sweet in inviting her and polite, and even modest.  Yang was sympathetic at least, but that was kind of harsh of Weiss.

But first…um..Sun saying he does that all the time. Is sun a peeping Tom?  He tried to save it by saying he climbs trees all the time, but still…..  And poor Neptune! heheh but come on, Sun is just adorable every time.  I am seriously worrying that he is a plant or something :P  I have to admit, I love the line “you should always get friends involved!”  I foresee a T-Shirt.

Okay, so Yang has an informant on the shady side of town that knows everything—-is she going to pay Junior a visit again?

So we learn a lot about Weiss here.  She is from Atlas—-where the main headquarters are at (and thus her home, which is usually typical).  What we see of Weiss is her trying to put on the “right face” for her interaction with the company and people who would recognize her.  It looks painful.  We get a first glimpse of her family life and learn that she has a sister named Winter—-probably a younger sister, since Schnee is the heiress and that typically goes to the older sister.  Now, Weiss is obviously on a mission but she really doesn’t want to talk to her father.  This scene makes me feel really sorry for her.  It is also showing that my impression of a not-so-good family relationship is becoming obvious.  She might be worried about disappointing him or him asking too many questions, too.

PENNY!!!  Okay, so we find out a lot about Penny.  Poor Penny!  And the way she hiccups when she gets nervous and lying is just so adorable!  Now we all already knew she was not human—-but we still get subtle hints throughout their interaction before the big reveal.  When Ruby grabs Penny for her super-speed dash, you can see her straining against the weight of Penny.  She wasn’t expecting her to be so heavy.  So now I am having feels for Penny and Weiss, and then that super-sad song during the credits was just too much Monty!!!  So we cut off with Penny revealing that she isn’t a real girl (paraphrasing from Pinocchio who wants to be a real boy) and Ruby goes, “Oh…” I can imagine that when we cut back to Ruby and Penny, Ruby is going to be, “and that means…?”  I mean, she was perfectly accepting of Blake right off and really just doesn’t seemed bothered by the whole human/not human thing.  If anything, she is going to worry about Penny’s “wounds” on her hands.

Okay, so we all know that James Ironwood is Penny’s “father”.  He is obviously a creator who loves machines.  Maybe she is an ode to a daughter who died young or something like that.  Anyway, we are also informed that the Schnee company and Ironwood are all cozy together with Schnee Co sponsoring the military genius.  Something feels dirty.  Between those robots and the trailer, I think General Ironwood is not as good as he seems.  I don’t trust him nor the Mr. Schnee.

Okay, so Weiss’ family seems to have a winter theme going on.  Weiss Schnee means White Snow, Winter Schnee—-Winter Snow :).  Her father’s name has still not been revealed, though, and I can not picture it.  Usually Winter is called “old Man winter” so I would have expected her father to have that name.  Perhaps his name is tied into Ice in some way?  Or could that be the mother…though she isn’t mentioned at all.  Well, I am starting to think that at least these two factions are tied into Cinder and are helping with the robberies—giving information about Dust stores and locations.  And I think Weiss is going to discover this in the files she received.  Of course, her taking sensitive files from her father’s company while he is in the building is going to prompt a visit or at least a phone call from him.  That should be interesting.  My idea about how Weiss is completely oblivious to the darker sides of the company is starting to bear fruit!

But what of Winter?  Is she being groomed in case Weiss needs to be replaced?  For some reason, it seems in character for the family.  Weiss has obviously shown a bit of a rebellious streak with her family as many have pointed out in her hairstyle choice.  She wants to be a huntress—-a branch of defenders who are supposed to be only altruistic as far as we know (we know that isn’t going to be so, though).  Perhaps the Father is concerned that his daughter is not following in his ruthless footsteps.  maybe Winter is going to be *worse* than we first thought Weiss was, painting an innocent girl look but turning on blackmail and other nasty personality traits.  I don’t like it, and it looks like Weiss is getting closer to being hit really hard.  She was trying so hard to put on the right face for the call to her company—-the right kind of smile.  Not too big, not to small—friendly but still in charge…that whole “just right” thing.

Well, we won’t get any information about Weiss and Ruby next week.  We need to swing in on Yang and Blake.  I am sure we will see the scene where Yang walks in and gets guns put on her.  Meanwhile, in a couple of more episodes we will see Sun and Blake fighting off the robots that are obviously the same or similar designs to the ones Ironwood was presenting.  

Speaking of robots…we really got a good steam-punk vibe going here.  They have enough technology to utilize holograms, robots, airships and cars, etc—but still also incorporate Magic and Dust into their lives.

Okay, I need to stew on this for a while and see if anything else comes up.  I think I might have an athon this weekend as well just for the hell of it :)

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