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Wait..what the…wait…wait…wait.

Okay, Episode 7.  The teams are all up and Glenda is going over some of the stats.  Obviously, they don’t know much about each students past.  Glenda remarks how she doesn’t see how Nora and Lie can possibly work together but it was established earlier that they have known each other for some time.  Glenda is highly critical of the students, but in an analytical way.  She observes their behavior and compares it to the information from previous schools.  She mentions how she doesn’t care what Jaune’s transcripts say, that she doesn’t believe he could possibly be ready for this level of combat.

Wow, so Jaune was really kick-arse at his previous school or something?  He really seems to lack in the common-sense department.  Well, we get a bit more of an inside look at his character.  He is the type to see something through once he has started, even if he was wrong.  The part with the cave kind of laid that out.  Pyrrha pointed out that it didn’t seem like this was the place, but because he went to all the trouble to make the torch, he wanted to explore more.  A recipe for all sorts of trouble.  

Pyrrha may be top-notch, but she knows when something was out of her league.  She is loyal, though.  She was perfectly willing to take on that over-sized scorpion to save Jaune…but once he went flying—-so did she.  I thought it was cute how she gave that kind-of nervous laugh, then dashed off.

We see a bit more of Blake and Yang. They find the relics—-chess pieces.  How very interesting and highly symbolic.  Blake doesn’t talk much.  This is not surprising.  She uses her body language and mostly observes.  If something is not detrimental specifically to her, she will let another decide.  That makes sense—-with all those different types, and with a very talkative Yang who obviously will make a quick choice.  They remarked that some were already missing, thus not being the first to find the relics.  So Yang says “How about a cute pony!”  Blake agrees with a roll of her eyes…and a smile.  She seems to like Yang :)

We see what seems like an uncharacteristic side of Yang, though.  A scream is heard in the woods and Yang turns to Blake, asking what they should do.  el Solo, we expect that Yang would take off after the sound.  So why is she suddenly asking permission of her team mate?  Meanwhile, Blake is fixated on something in the sky and does not answer.

Now, while watching this scene and the constant back and forth between Yang/Blake and Pyrrha/Jaune, you would expect that she was watching Jaune flying towards them.  I went back and watched and noticed that, if everything is happening at the same time, then she is started to observe the sky prior to him being flung.  Whatever she is seeing is some ways off, as it takes time before it finally comes into Yang and our views.

And this is the WTF moment.  Ruby is flying through the air towards them, screaming “Heads up!!!”  I went back and watched that part four times.  Was it an animation error and they used Ruby instead of Jaune?  Well, no, because it is her voice and she has been flying through the air towards them prior to Jaune being launched by the scorpion.  So what the hell!?!?!?  How in the world did she get launched into the air?

I went back and watched the scene with Weiss and Ruby a few times.  I honestly found this scene very very interesting—-but nothing to indicate WHY Ruby was flying through the air.

Weiss and Ruby are lost and Weiss is trying to stay in charge.  In their argument, lots of words are exchanged.  Ruby says that Weiss is a “Big, stupid Jerk and I hate you!”  Hate?  From Ruby?  Who would have thunk this possible?  But Weiss…she doesn’t say “good” or she doesn’t throw something back.  She lets out an exasperated sigh and says to keep moving. Ruby calls Weiss out on being Bossy—asking her why she is that way.  Weiss’s response is that she isn’t bossy and that she shouldn’t say things like that.  They banter back and forth like siblings who are trying (and failing) to communicate something important.  But what gets me is the closing lines.

"Stop acting like you’re perfect!" Ruby says.

"I’m NOT perfect" replies Weiss.  That made me step back.  With how everything is set up and her attitude, I expected her to take offense or throw something else back…but she was honest.  Well, to a point.  She WANTS to be perfect.  She considers herself better than Ruby, but as Ruby points out quietly…she doesn’t even know anything about Ruby.  She hasn’t much to go on to make such a claim that she is leagues better than Ruby.

And then.  She walks away.

So in this exchange, we see Weiss trying to be confident and in charge, failing at it, but not rising to the attack as we expect. We see Ruby letting out her frustration and anger, being observant of Weiss’s behavior—-and flat out asking why she is doing all that.  Ruby seems to want to understand Weiss.  She wants to be friends, and she will probably be the most honest and trustworthy friend Weiss will ever encounter—-but they both seem to not know how to get past their differences.

When you think of Weiss’s family and her role in the family, it makes sense that she is trying to stay in control.  As the head of a big corporation, you can never seem to falter.  She was probably raised and taught to never show that she is confused, insecure, etc.  So in this situation, it is more like she *HAS* to be in control and pretend that she knows what to do.  Almost a habit, part of her training.

Ruby doesn’t have time for false fronts.  If you don’t know something, admit it and move on.  Or ask.

So why didn’t Weiss deny or throw something back to Ruby when she was told how bossy/jerky/acting perfect she was?  Well, she did deny being bossy…then said to not say things like that.  But…there was something about the way she said it.  I am wondering if it harkens to a behavior from her mother or father that she doesn’t want to be associated with, or maybe a past friend who abandoned her when she needed the friend most.

Being called a big-stupid-jerk and I hate you! Is kind of childish, so she could have just been frustrated and not wanting to result to that kind of name calling.  Actually, she DOES avoid name-calling for the most part.  she tells Ruby that basically, she wouldn’t treat her like a child if she didn’t act like one . And Ruby WAS acting kind of childish (understandably because, technically, she IS a child and from what we understand, younger than Weiss).

Weiss reminds me of me.  Haha.  But seriously, when I was a kid and in verbal fights like that, I tried to avoid those kinds of name-calling.  I always aimed for below the belt, using what I felt was a more intelligent way of fighting at the time.  Weiss is kind of doing the same thing.  But, in that vein, it really really hurts to be called things like a Big Stupid Jerk and stuff.  You just don’t let it show.  The goal, with types like us, is to get the other person to show their anger while trying to remain calm and in control.  She was doing the same thing.

I think Weiss sees it as thus:  They are a team, and they are stuck together for 4 years.  She may later try to see the dean for a change, but we know it won’t happen.  In the team setup, she sees herself as the Alpha—the one in charge and Ruby as the subordinate.  She was raised that way, she can’t help it.

Ruby also recognizes that they are a team for 4 years.  She doesn’t see a hierarchy.  She sees that as a team, they must be equal and they must understand each other.  She is trying to do that.  She might also try to get a change, but of course, that won’t happen.

It will be interesting to see how they grow together,  because there are some dynamics that will never change between the two.  They will ALWAYS argue, mostly in this similar fashion.  

Now…why is Ruby flying through the air?  Remember that huge feather a couple of episodes ago?  I suspect that is why.  They got into a big fight and something went wrong.  This will merely give Weiss more fodder for later, but the why and the wherefore I can not imagine.  Caught by surprise, possibly?  I suppose I should make a prediction.  I have two scenarios in mind.

1)Weiss gets ambushed by said flying creature and Ruby comes to help.  While trying to distract the beast, Ruby gets flung into the air.

2)One of them gets ambushed, but because they can not coordinate, Weiss ends up sending Ruby flying through the air because of the Dust (another fire explosion or something).

Now there is a whole thing about the chess pieces.  I am going to do a separate post on that after I check out a few things.

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